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Getting To Know Our StackAdapters

StackAdapt is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Toronto, with the team doubling in size (quite literally) from June 1, 2018 with 70 StackAdapters, up to today with 140 of us. With so many fresh faces around the office, the People & Culture team has been looking for creative ways to get to know each and every person around the office—and we thought that a good ol’ fashioned “get to know you” survey would be a step in the right direction.

We had quite a bit of fun reading through all of the responses we received, and came up with our Top 10 Favourite StackAdapter Trends:

1. What 1 food would the majority of StackAdapters eat for the rest of their lives?

The most common food item that came up was noodles! In many different forms—pad thai, pho, ramen, spaghetti– we love noodles. The second most common was pizza. It’s a good thing we have a pizza lunch at least once a month. And lastly, burgers. You really can’t go wrong there. 🍕🍜 🍔

2. If StackAdapters were stranded on an island, what one item would they choose to have with them? 🏝️

Almost everyone went with the logical response and said they would want a knife or some sort of sharp object, but some used their imagination and came up with a few out of the box responses; “my phone, so I can play candy crush until I get rescued”, “Dungeons & Dragons book”, “Genie lamp”, “My laptop, because I’m addicted to selling media”, “A DVD set of “Lost””.

3. What is the favourite StackAdapt snack?

At StackAdapt, we have weekly snacks delivered to our office. So we asked our StackAdapters what their favourite snack in the office is. The top 3 responses were Kind Bars, Hummus and Apples! I guess we can say we’re pretty healthy around here. 🍎

4. What would StackAdapters do if they won the lottery?

One of the most fun questions to ask anyone: What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? Judging by the responses we got, StackAdapters are a very giving and responsible bunch with the top 3 responses being: 

  1. Give half to my parents
  2. Invest/buy real estate
  3. Travel the world
  4. Donate to charity

As always, there were some out of the box thinkers with what they would do first; “Raise goats”, “I would buy a plot of land, and start a pumpkin patch. I mean it, I am obsessed with pumpkins lol.”, “Take it to the casino and put it all on black”.

5. What was the most memorable team event?

At StackAdapt, we do company wide team events every quarter. So we asked StackAdapters, what was their most memorable team event. We didn’t need a top 3 list for this one since the majority said it was the time we all got soaked on the Toronto Island last summer. Talk about team bonding! 🙂

6. How many languages do StackAdapters speak?

Our StackAdpters come from all areas of the world, so we wanted to know how many of them speak more than one language. We were delighted to learn that 48% of StackAdapters are multilingual!

7. What is the favourite StackAdapt swag item?

We love our StackAdapt swag, and every new hire gets a “swag bag” on their first day consisting of a sweater, t-shirt, backpack, stickers, socks, hat and a notebook. A whopping 43% of StackAdapters love their Patagonia backpacks the most and here is why:

8. What did the majority of StackAdapters say was their favourite activity around the office?

We find many ways to keep our StackAdapters busy around the office outside of working hours including ping-pong, board games, Nintendo Switch, Fun Fridays and more. As it turns out, 30% said they liked to simply hangout with their fellow StackAdapters.

9. What is the preferred method of getting to work?

With an office in downtown Toronto, there are many ways to get to work. According to our survey, 28% of StackAdapters walk to work, 21% bike to work and 30% take the TTC. 🚌

10. Did our StackAdapters enjoy this survey?

85% of StackAdapters loved taking this survey.

We will definitely be doing this again next quarter. It was great learning about our amazing team, and can’t wait to find out more fun facts about our StackAdapters!

Director of People & Culture

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