4 Essential Articles To Read This Month: June 2018

Curious what the team at StackAdapt is reading this month? We have asked around and curated a few of the most interesting articles for you to check out.

1. How Food52 Strikes a Winning Balance Between Content and Commerce

Increasingly e-commerce businesses use content to build relationships with their future customers. “It’s further proof of Food52’s core hypothesis: lead with high-quality content—offer value to your readers—and the sales will follow.” Read or listen to the interview here.

2. The IRL channel: Offline to online, Online to offline

While everyone is obsessed with digital channels, some companies leverage their offline distribution to promote their brand. Think of how successful some brands have become simply by being so Instagram-able, like Boby guys or Toronto’s ihalo Krunch, who serve charcoal ice cream. Check out this POV on the “IRL Channel” by Andrew Chen. Read the full article here.

3.ClassPass’ Founder on How Marketplace Startups Can Achieve Product/Market Fit

Marketplace Startups are among the most lucrative business models, and remain one of the hardest models to crack. Learn from the CEO of ClassPass, Payal Kadakia, how they’ve grown to become a household name. Read or listen to the interview here.

4. How To Reach More People With Content Marketing By Changing How You Write

As marketers, we’re all guilty of writing jargon content from time to time, as a result, we are missing the mark on creating something that makes an impact. An always insightful view from Tom Tungus on how to be a better writer. Read it here.

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