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10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2018 from StackAdapt’s Campaign Experts

2018 is in full swing and we’re excited to see what innovative digital marketing and advertising strategies our clients come up with this year. To help get the ball rolling and to ensure your next campaign hits your intended KPIs, we’ve rounded up some expert advice from our Customer Success Team. Here are their top tips and tricks for 2018:

Mel Bank

Role: Account Executive and former Senior Customer Success Manager

Tip #1: When uploading a campaign, use at least 4 creatives (headline, description, image) for testing purposes and then optimize towards your best performing creative.
Why it’s important: You’ll have a better understanding of what works for your target demographic and what doesn’t, and will save time and money in the long run.

Tip #2: Be transparent with your ad copy. Make sure that the user knows what they are getting into when they click on your ad and ultimately, land on your page.
Why it’s important: Transparent copy decreases bounce rates by delivering on your ad’s promise and builds the kind of trust that drives sales.

Tip #3: Start with broad targeting and narrow in on areas that are performing best.
Why it’s important: Much like testing multiple creatives, this allows you to have a holistic view of what works and what doesn’t for this specific campaign without relying on assumptions.

Chris St. John

Role: Performance Customer Success Manager

Tip #4: Take advantage of our Drop Off Funnel tool.
Why it’s important: You’ll have a better understanding of where your campaign is losing bid requests. Pinpoint the largest drop-off of bid requests so you can make smarter decisions about your campaign’s volume capacity. Scale issues solved.

Tip #5: Take advantage of StackAdapt’s Custom Segments – New Targeting!
Why it’s important: this allows you to target individuals consuming content relevant to your product or service. It’s the best way to reach the right people at the right time.

Tip #6: Retarget users who have completed your video ad with a second ad format.
Why it’s important: By using different formats, you’re following the journey of an interested user without blasting them with the same ad over and over again. It shows that you understand that they have interacted with you and in light of that, you’re expanding on the information they already have.

Michelle Hart

Role: Senior Customer Success Manager, Team Lead

Favourite thing about programmatic: “All the data available! Whether it’s being used to inform your campaign optimizations or strategy for future campaigns there are a number of insights you can find.”

Tip #7: Test different audiences (3rd-party, custom audiences, StackAdapt Segments) to understand who your audience is.
Why it’s important: I’ve seen many examples of client success through this process. They always manage to narrow down their ideal audience (ie. top performing) that they can leverage for future campaigns.

Spencer King

Role: Customer Success Manager

Favourite thing about programmatic: “All the different ways you can incorporate technology into buying.”

Tip #8Apple’s new tracking prevention is in full effect. Take advantage of retargeting tactics that utilize users’ IP addresses (such as StackAdapt retargeting).
Why it’s important: Using IP addresses in addition to cookie technology helps bypass the impact made by this new tracking prevention method.

Tip #9: 2018 will be a big year for measuring how online advertising drives in-store foot traffic. Consider using something like PlaceIQ to quantify the value of your mobile campaigns.
Why it’s important: Proper attribution is key to measuring the true value of your media buying efforts.

Tip #10: Stop considering Native a “tactic”. Instead recognize it for what it is: a channel to buy ad inventory. Use multiple targeting tactics in your Native plan.
Why it’s important: Recognizing that Programmatic Native advertising is a channel rather than a tactic ensures you meet your KPIs for every campaign. By utilizing various targeting techniques in conjunction with retargeting efforts, you’re bound to meet your targets and achieve your campaign goal.

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