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Our Digital Advertising Podcast is Back!

How Agencies Thrive is back! StackAdapt’s digital advertising podcast is dedicated to helping forward-thinking and digitally savvy marketers win in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today. 

We started How Agencies Thrive last year with the goal of sharing digital advertising trends with our listeners, helping our audience learn how to leverage best practices for digital campaigns, and to truly thrive in a digital-first advertising landscape. As we all know, 2020 turned out to be an unprecedented year. Pandemic restrictions changed consumer behaviours, which meant that digital marketers had to pivot their strategies—fast.

In Season 1, we discussed strategies for crisis communications, the challenges of political campaigns, why advertisers are gravitating from linear to connected TV (CTV), and more. Some of our guests included senior-level agency leadership and programmatic partners such as Comscore and LiveRamp.

Now we’re back with Season 2 of our digital advertising podcast! We’re bringing you 12 new episodes that explore what’s top of mind for digital advertisers. Our guests will share their personal insights and provide actionable advice to leverage in your programmatic campaigns. We’ll hear about the winning strategies that will help agencies thrive in today’s new digital marketing normal, and we’ll touch on topics like travel and tourism, B2C, healthcare, and more.

If you’re ready to dive into Season 2 of the How Agencies Thrive podcast, start by listening to our first episode! In this round table discussion, Chris Kane of Jounce Media, Nadine Tull from Mirren, and Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-founder and COO of StackAdapt, join us to chat about how the digital marketing landscape has evolved, the silver linings that the pandemic has brought the advertising industry, and what digital marketers can expect moving forward. You can start listening to this episode, right here.
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