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The holiday season is fast approaching! This year, yule need to be prepared to pivot when planning your 2021 holiday campaigns. A nimble approach and willingness to adapt your strategies will help you keep up with shifting consumer behaviours and find opportunities for innovation throughout the season. If you’re ready to sleigh your campaigns this season, dig in to these insights that will help you best prepare your campaigns. 

What Marketers Should Consider as They Gear Up for the Holiday Season

As we enter our second pandemic holiday season, there is uncertainty around how it will play out. Various dynamics will have an impact on how brands approach their holiday campaigns and messaging overall. Read this article to learn how this uncertain season is prompting marketers to evolve their approach to streaming ad spend.

How To Use FOMO to Get More Holiday Sales In 2021 

One of the most effective marketing strategies you can use to turn more visitors into holiday shoppers is FOMO: the “fear of missing out.” FOMO in this context is when people choose to interact with a business because they are worried they will miss out on something of value. Learn how you can use FOMO marketing to jumpstart your sales and lead generation efforts this holiday season.

The Holidays Are Approaching—Here’s How Retailers Can Prepare 

With summer officially coming to an end, now is the time to be planning for a holiday season that could very well be busier than ever before. In order to ensure a winter season that is relatively free of customer complaints and overwhelmed support staff, consider taking the four steps outlined in this article. 

Holiday Sales Could Spike 9% in 2021: Deloitte

Sales for the 2020 holiday season came as a surprise to many. At this time last year, Deloitte hedged its numbers as the industry headed into an unpredictable season. The firm released a projection that split its estimates into worst-case, and better-case scenarios. But, actual sales for the season beat even Deloitte’s best-case estimates. This year, Deloitte is projecting that retail sales during the holiday season could rise 7% to 9%.

Eight Holiday Marketing Trends Entrepreneurs Are Tired Of Seeing (And What To Do Instead)  

For the most successful end-of-year sales, it’s important to plan effective campaigns that will encourage shoppers to buy from your business. This means getting innovative! This year, think beyond the “traditional” holiday ad campaigns and promotions that consumers are used to seeing, and instead go for creative concepts that will capture genuine interest. 

17 Unique Ways For Brands To Leverage TikTok This Holiday Season 

Brands are always looking to tap into the latest social media trends to help amplify their reach. This holiday season, one of the latest and greatest opportunities is TikTok. Many brands have begun to consider ways to make the most of their presence on the video-sharing platform. Read this article to learn about TikTok’s wide-ranging capabilities, as well as some of the most popular trends on the app. 

Looking for more insights that will help you plan your 2021 holiday campaigns? Download our Holiday Guide for expert tips!

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