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Retargeting is an essential piece of your digital advertising strategy. With retargeting, you can deliver digital ads to a user based on their previous intent-based actions on the web. It’s an important tactic for moving users down the funnel to conversion, or to another desired action. 

To help you create a successful retargeting strategy, we’re sharing articles from around the web that dig into what retargeting is, the benefits of retargeting, and retargeting trends. 

How to Build an Effective Retargeting Strategy 

This retargeting guide covers how to include retargeting as part of your multi-step media plan. Discover why retargeting is an important tactic for moving users down the funnel, and how to use different channels and messaging to achieve your campaign goals.

How to Use E-Commerce Retargeting To Win Back Business 

According to research by Monetate, e-commerce conversion rates are on average around 3%, with many visitors bouncing and never returning. With retargeting, you’re able to re-engage those users! Learn how retail marketers can leverage retargeting to win back consumers who have shown interest in a product or brand, but haven’t yet converted. 

11 Social Media Retargeting Mistakes For Marketers To Avoid 

Retargeting on social media can be an effective way to regain the interest of users who didn’t convert the first time they visited your site. To retarget on social successfully, a strategy is key. In this article, 11 thought leaders provide the top mistakes they’ve seen marketers commonly make in their social media retargeting campaigns, so that you can avoid making those same mistakes. 

43 Crucial Retargeting Statistics: 2022 Strategies, Results & Challenges

This is a list of key retargeting statistics that show why retargeting works, the benefits of retargeting, and what strategies marketers are using to capitalize on this trend. 

7 Ways To Segment Your Audience For Successful Retargeting 

Segmenting your audience according to demographics and other data is a key part of your retargeting strategy. It enables you to personalize the messaging in your retargeting ads toward specific audiences. Learn 7 ways that you can segment your audience for retargeting success. 

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