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DIG IN: Digital Insights, Go-to Information and News for November 2019

Welcome to DIG IN! StackAdapt’s new monthly round-up of hot topics, latest trends and need to know articles for digital media professionals.

What The Retail Apocalypse Left Out: Brick And Mortar’s Reinvention

As marketers have been doing online, there is also a personalization opportunity at the store-level for retailers: Imagine a store in which sales representatives are armed with clientele technology that can automatically generate a customer’s purchase history, enabling the sales rep to better recommend relevant products and promotions on the spot.

Thoughts on My First 30 Days Leading a New Agency

Jeff Dack, CEO of Wunderman Thompson Canada, looks at his first 30 days and concludes that from his vantage point, it has never been a more interesting, intellectually stimulating, and educational time to be in the industry. Perhaps it could have something to do with their re-occurring Day 1 and the spirit behind it.

Why More Beauty Brands are Advertising on TV Streaming Platforms

Beauty brands are focused on creative content such as tutorials and visual packaging, and that segues easily to video ads. For beauty brands with a story to tell, connected TV and OTT is prime for distributing longer ads because people actually watch them.

The Complicated Balancing Act of Video Distribution

As streaming services aim to beef up their offerings, now is the time for media owners to lean into the fray. Sean Buckley, the CRO of SpotX, weighs in the complicated balancing act of driving revenue vs. building a relationship with audiences.

How Dopamine Fuels the Golden Rule of Content Marketing

What type of action do you want your customers to take? Do you want them to read a blog post, click a digital ad, open an email, or attend a webinar? If you said yes to any of these, you need to keep reading. Jade Bunke unveils the trick for getting your audience to anticipate value.

We hope you find these posts insightful! See you next month.

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