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Father’s Day recognizes fathers, fatherhood, and paternal bonds in general. For millions of father figures and caregivers across the world, this day is a time for family gatherings, gifts, and quality time. As we approach Father’s Day, here are a few things you need to know about consumer behaviour and seasonal marketing trends. Let’s dig in.  

4 Ways to Leverage Digital Marketing for Father’s Day

Learn important stats about consumers who are shopping for this annual celebration, tactics for leveraging digital marketing for Father’s Day, and how a programmatic strategy can support your efforts. 

Best Practices for Father’s Day Marketing Campaigns  

It can be a challenge to craft Father’s Day campaigns that stand out from the crowd. E-commerce retailers will want to create a holistic campaign across their ads, and their on-site experience. Learn best practices that e-commerce businesses should keep in mind for their Father’s Day campaigns. 

6 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas Sure to Drive Sales 

Discover six Father’s Day marketing ideas that will help grow your sales, backed by real-life campaign examples. This blog also includes Father’s Day marketing templates to help you get started, and a rundown of the best practices to follow.

NRF | Father’s Day Consumer Trends 

NRF has been conducting its annual Father’s Day survey with Prosper Insights and Analytics since 2003 to see how Americans celebrate dad on his special day. Browse their reports to learn how much consumers in the US are spending on Father’s Day, what they are spending on, and more. 

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