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DIG IN: Digital Insights, Go-to Information and News for March 2023

DIG IN is StackAdapt’s monthly round-up of hot topics, latest trends, and need-to-know articles for digital media professionals. 

Business-to-business (B2B) buying behaviour is always evolving, and the growing adoption of remote work in recent years has accelerated these changes. 

In order to navigate today’s challenges while remaining sensitive to the needs of customers, it’s key that B2B marketers take note of learning opportunities from the past, as well as predictions of future trends. Combined, these learnings can help inform future B2B strategies.

2023 Is A Pivotal Year For B2B Marketing—Are You Ready?

Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo from the B2B Institute for LinkedIn talk about how B2B is the next big thing in marketing. Learn how B2B will rev up to power the surge in demand for data and technology to drive sustainability, efficiency, and other major changes to our economy.

5 Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2023

The B2B market is facing younger buying committees, shifts in expectations about the purchase process, overcomplicated tech stacks, and uncertain economic conditions. These factors are changing how marketers can reach, engage with, and retain business customers. Here are five predictions for how these factors will impact your B2B marketing in 2023.

Reach B2B Buyers With an Informed B2B Marketing Strategy 

Learn about important emerging trends in B2B marketing, get tips for how you can increase brand awareness among your target accounts, and drive prospects to reach out to your sales team.

How to Create Winning B2B Programmatic Ad Campaigns 

Annamarie Andrews, VP of Global Marketing at Cielo, shares two programmatic B2B ad campaign strategies that Cielo used to drive results. Learn how the campaigns were done, and what the team at Cielo learned along the way. 

US B2B Digital Ad Spend 2015 to 2024 

Statista’s data shows how B2B digital advertising spend in the US has grown since 2015, and the expected B2B spend in 2023 and 2024. In 2022, digital B2B advertising spend was forecast to amount to 14.3 billion US dollars. By 2024, ad spend will reach roughly 18.5 US billion dollars.

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