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DIG IN: Digital Insights, Go-to Information and News for July 2020

DIG IN is StackAdapt’s monthly round-up of hot topics, latest trends and need to know articles for digital media professionals.

So much of our content feeds are still related to the current situation at hand, even as we approach our fourth month of sheltering-in-place. However, the insights that are arising pertaining to the advertising industry, evolving consumer behaviour and re-start approaches are more and more educational, informational and tactical. Enjoy the read!

Agency Life: COVID-19 Will Cause 4 Permanent Changes

The remote work experiment caused by COVID-19 will transform agencies. Automation will become even more integral to agency workflows as consumer media habits shift, highly office-driven cultures will shift to a more remote, distributed workforce, and agencies will rethink the necessity and extent of business travel. Not to mention the savings in less real estate.

The Domino Effect: Bracing For Impact

We are all too familiar with the chain reaction produced when one event sets off a series of inevitable events. Today’s economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic has set in motion several events in the advertising industry that will profoundly change the landscape for years to come and has created four major pressure points for budgets, talent, productivity and relationships.

3 Behavioural Trends That Will Reshape Our Post-COVID World

Typically, consumers’ supermarket shopping habits are stable and slow to change. When people do dramatically change their behaviour around buying food and beverages, it’s usually driven by a major life event such as having a baby, moving to a new town, or changing jobs. The COVID-19 crisis is, of course, changing everyone’s life at once.

The World’s Top CMOs on the Role of Marketing in the Future

The Great Marketing Reboot uncovered what’s changed in the past three months, what’s changing in the next three months, and what’s forever changed. It starts with 68% of the survey respondents saying that the role of marketing has been elevated in the past three months.

3 Months In, How COVID-19 Has Permanently Changed Marketing

Through months of turmoil, CMOs have proven surprisingly resilient and frequently savvy, using a period of deep uncertainty to realign their brands around purpose, provide essential goods and services or simply act as a voice of reason at a time when disinformation is high. Yay!

We hope you find these posts insightful! See you next month.

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