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DIG IN: Digital Insights, Go-to Information and News for January 2022

DIG IN is StackAdapt’s monthly round-up of hot topics, latest trends and need-to-know articles for digital media professionals. 

You’ve rang in a new year, which means it’s time to ring in your updated digital strategy. To kick off 2022, we’re sharing articles that cover the trends, channels, and strategies to consider this year. Let’s dig in!

Digital Advertising Pushes Global Ad Spend to New Heights

According to the latest advertising expenditure forecast compiled by Zenith​​, digital advertising will account for over 60% of global ad spend in 2022. These numbers are notably ahead of what Zenith predicted as recently as July 2021 when it penciled in 19% digital ad spend growth for 2021 and 10% in 2022.

7 Marketing Trends That Will Define Success in 2022 

It’s no longer enough to simply create a beautiful brand and expect it to sell. In 2022, marketing will be about creating an effective brand, compelling storytelling, and measuring the success of that story. While content will continue to be king in the coming year, there are new trends emerging, like a shift from simply advertising to educating audiences. Learn 7 trends that marketers should follow in order to achieve success this year.

12 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 and How to Take Advantage of Them 

In 2022 we will likely see some dramatic changes in the digital marketing landscape. Given this, marketers must not only plan for the future of digital marketing but be prepared to take advantage of it. Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital shares the top 12 digital marketing trends that she believes marketers should keep an eye on this year. Plus, she explains how you can use them to your advantage.

[Report] Global Connected TV Ad Revenue to Hit $32.6B by 2026

In a new forecast for the 2022 digital advertising landscape, GroupM is forecasting rapid growth for connected TV (CTV) advertising in 2022 and beyond. While traditional TV is expected to stay relatively flat in years ahead, CTV ad spend is set to see rapid growth. GroupM predicts that CTV ad spend will hit $20.3 billion in 2022, and $32.6 billion in 2026, tripling the $10.9 billion spent in 2019. 

[Report] IAB’s 2022 Digital Ad Ecosystem Report 

IAB and PwC conducted interviews with approximately 20 thought leaders within the digital advertising ecosystem. These thought leaders provided consensus around three key areas to keep top of mind when strategizing for 2022 success. Read the report to learn these three insights and how they are expected to drive outsized incremental impact throughout 2022. 

We hope you find these posts insightful. Happy New Year and see you next month!

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