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The Super Bowl usually pulls in more than 100 million viewers through TV or online streaming. It gives brands the perfect opportunity to reach millions of consumers in one day, generate brand awareness, and cement their impact through the decades. 

Don’t have the budget to run a Super Bowl game day ad? There’s still plenty of opportunity to align your advertising efforts around the event, and tap into the enthusiastic Super Bowl audience. Let’s dig in to some key insights and predictions for Super Bowl 2023. 

5 Trends to Watch at the 2023 Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVII is just around the corner, and the flow of brands announcing their stakes in the big game is well underway. The ads that run on game day can inspire creativity and ideas for marketers to riff off of in their own campaigns throughout the rest of 2023. With this in mind, here are five trends to watch at this year’s Super Bowl.

Gartner Expectations for Super Bowl Advertising in 2023  

Super Bowl advertising usually gives an early indication of the digital advertising trends that marketers can expect to see in the coming year. Gartner sat down with Andrew Frank, Distinguished VP Analyst in the Gartner Marketing Practice, to discuss some of the trends advertisers can pull from the leadup to the Super Bowl and the broader implications behind them.

3 Tips For Live Sports Marketing With Programmatic 

Viewers are now tuning into streaming services to catch prime-time games live. By 2025, it’s projected that approximately 90 million viewers in the US will watch digital live sports content, like the Super Bowl, at least once per month. This blog covers how you can leverage programmatic advertising to tap into the marketing benefits of live sports events. 

Ad Blitz: Tracking Every Marketing Play for Super Bowl LVII 

As consumers and marketers anticipate the big game, which is set to be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Marketing Dive will update this tracker with all of the brand announcements. Be sure to check in here for the latest news as we approach advertising’s buzziest showcase, and use this intel to inspire your own digital strategies. 

Score a Touchdown With These Super Bowl Campaign Tips

Super Bowl viewers are a broad and enthusiastic audience. While it’s still possible to watch the Super Bowl through traditional TV channels, many Super Bowl viewers are ditching cable and watching the big game through connected TV (CTV) instead. Learn who the Super Bowl audience is, and how you can use programmatic advertising to reach them. 

Super Bowl Advertising in the United States: Statistics and Facts

The Super Bowl is consistently the most watched television event in the US. Learn key stats about Super Bowl TV viewership in the US, ad revenue, the average cost of Super Bowl advertising, and what ads have won viewer’s attention in past Super Bowls. 

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