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DIG IN: Digital Insights, Go-to Information and News for April 2022

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Retail marketers today face the unique challenge of connecting their digital ad campaigns to offline sales lift. In this vertical, it’s key to create engaging campaigns that will earn online sales, offline sales, and encourage shoppers to shop more often. With retail events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter just around the corner, we’re sharing some articles from around the web that dig in to current retail trends. 

How to Leverage Digital Marketing for Mother’s Day 2022  

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time for marketers to dig into consumer behaviour, and put together a programmatic strategy that’s worth writing home to mum about. Learn important stats about consumers who are shopping for this annual occasion, and how you can leverage a digital strategy to reach them.

4 Trends That Will Shape Retail In 2022 

The retail industry has seen major shifts since the start of the pandemic, and it’s predicted that those shifts will continue to evolve this year. This article explores how conscientious consumers, social commerce, hybrid retail, and customer loyalty will shape retail in 2022. 

In Search Of The Ultimate Customer Experience

Retail leaders today should be delivering fun, convenient, digital and in-person experiences, and keeping employees happy too, because knowledgeable, engaged workers are a crucial part of the customer experience. Learn 4 ways that retailers can create a positive customer experience that attracts and delights customers.

Why 2022 Should Be The Year Of Personalization In Retail 

Recent data reveals the majority (76%) of customers are eager to return to stores, but experts say the future of retail isn’t about brick and mortar vs. online shopping. Instead, the challenge is going to be consistently delivering new experiences like curbside pickup and designing better ways to personalize the customer experience. In this Q&A Gregory Ng, CEO of Brooks Bell, shares what brands need to do to stay relevant and create the personalized experiences their customers are looking for.

Retail Trends: 2022 Retail Industry Stats, Trends and Forecasts 

After two years of unpredictable growth patterns and volatile markets, 2022 is expected to be a turning point in retail, worldwide retail and ecommerce spending will stabilize, shopping habits will solidify, and pressure for companies to adapt will be paramount. Learn key insights about the retail and e-commerce industry from the Global e-Commerce Forecast 2022 by Insider Intelligence. 

[Report] 2022 Retail Industry Outlook | Deloitte US 

For their 2022 retail industry analysis, Deloitte asked 50 senior retail executives across multiple sub sectors to share their views on where they see the industry in the next 12 months. The resulting data, combined with insights derived from 15 Deloitte retail subject-matter specialists, client work, and prior research, offers a snapshot of strategies and investment plans that help inform the future of the industry.

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