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The StackAdapt Creative Studio: Merging the Gap Between Creative and Performance

In 2018, we introduced the StackAdapt Creative Studio, a team of experts who would partner with clients to create online ads and experiences, creating campaigns prospects can’t help but pay attention to. Now, just 12 short months later, due to overwhelming demand, the team has evolved and grown 5x!

Based on the phenomenal success we’ve achieved in the past year, the Creative Studio has expanded its working repertoire of creative formats, and have come up with an arsenal of innovative ad ideas. They work to meet the needs of our clients and the requirements of the campaigns, not only enhancing existing ads, but also creating fresh new ads with the latest technology and creative trends in mind.

Why is creative important for campaigns?

When you are trying to reach a prospect with your digital campaigns, keep in mind that the ad they see is the first point of contact. So, you want to ensure your ad catches the attention of the user and is appealing enough to entice them to visit your page. That can sometimes be the toughest part of building a campaign. You might have a great product and stellar landing page, but if you don’t have an ad that speaks to the prospect and captures their attention, it could be all for not. The world of digital advertising can get crowded and noisy, with individuals constantly being bombarded with ads, so your creatives are critical to helping you stand out.

Creative built for programmatic campaigns should apply programmatic solutions and best practices to the creative process. Creative assets should be optimized appropriately as the campaign runs, to ensure the best possible performance is drawn from the campaign. This kind of evolving creative is especially important for retargeting, to ensure the correct variations are offered for a personalized message.

“Programmatic creative creates a better user experience and enhances ad performances for brands, their agencies and publishers. It’s time for the industry to get the right message.”

– Scott Bender, Prohaska Consulting

Why is creative important to your clients?

The Soda Report found that “better design/creative” is the number one improvement brands want to see from their partnering agencies. As such, you want to ensure you are meeting the needs of your clients and providing a quick turnaround on industry leading creatives.

Considering time is of the essence, and speed is a leading factor in winning business, you want to meet the demand for speed, without sacrificing the quality or innovation of your ads. This is why the Creative Studio was established—to help you shine! Instead of allocating internal resources for your creatives, or looking for an external partner, we provide a one-stop shop to have creatives built with programmatic trends and creative best practices in mind, so that they run optimally with peak performance on StackAdapt.

How does the Creative Studio help?

There are a variety of reasons why our agency clients look to Creative Studio for assistance. We handle requests when there is a lack of internal resources, when a fast turnaround time is required or when creatives just need a little innovation or spark. Based on our extensive experience, our clients look for recommendations from experts in the space, especially if they are faced with a brand or vertical that they need to get ramped up on.

The Creative Studio is comprised of an expert team of storytellers who have a deep understanding of the best performing images and copy. Their focus on data-driven creatives means they can help tailor your ads to the customer journey to create assets for any phase of the funnel. The team will even make creative recommendations tailored to the goal of your campaign and will offer their support throughout the duration of the campaign flight to optimize performance. This includes building dynamic creatives for your dynamic retargeting campaigns

Below is an example of what an ad might look like before (top) and after (bottom) the Creative Studio works their magic.

Before Creative Studio

After Creative Studio

Here is an example of a creative, built from scratch, with an innovative technique that will wow your clients and their prospects:

This interactive ad allows the viewer to engage with it by clicking on the car and dragging the mouse across the image, to rotate it and see all sides. This ad is very effective to immerse the viewer in the creative experience and will leave a memorable impression.

How can I get started?

Extending your team with the StackAdapt’s Creative Studio is easy. If you are looking for assistance with:

  • Creating ads
  • HTML5 ads
  • Alternate ad formats
  • Converting files
  • Resizing images
  • Creative recommendations

The Creative Studio team of experts can help you! Reach out to your StackAdapt Representative to learn more and get started with the Creative Studio.

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