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How to Create Landing Pages that Convert: The Landing Page Sessions

At StackAdapt, we recognize that client ads don’t occur in a vacuum. If the brand’s goal is to generate or convert leads, they’ll of course require a landing page in order to do so. The quality of this landing page does the heavy lifting when it comes to illustrating value and acquiring customers. Continue reading “How to Create Landing Pages that Convert: The Landing Page Sessions”

4 min read

Whitelisting for Brand Safety: Pros, Cons and Misconceptions

The term “whitelisting” makes many digital marketers feel all warm and fuzzy inside — Employing a preapproved list of domains to a programmatic advertising campaign allows us to sleep soundly knowing that we are doing everything possible to ensure our brands aren’t tainted by the “wild west” of the open exchange. But is whitelisting the best way to ensure brand safety? Continue reading “Whitelisting for Brand Safety: Pros, Cons and Misconceptions”

4 min read

How To Create Your First Video Ad

There came a point earlier this year when we knew we weren’t doing enough to promote the value of StackAdapt. While our platform was distributing video advertising for brands across the web, we struggled to create high quality video content that illustrated our own brand story.

The truth was, we weren’t completely sure where to start, so we decided to hire a full time videographer and give him carte blanche to bring video concepts to life. One of his first tasks was to create our first video ad.  Continue reading “How To Create Your First Video Ad”

4 min read

5 Key Resources for Digital Marketers Who Don’t “Get” Programmatic

There is a scary knowledge gap in the digital marketing industry. Despite being a multi-billion dollar technology, programmatic media buying remains a mystery to a huge number of digital marketers and advertisers. Adtech isn’t going anywhere, and if we expect it to improve, understanding and adoption must also improve. It’s time for marketers to educate themselves. Continue reading “5 Key Resources for Digital Marketers Who Don’t “Get” Programmatic”

4 min read