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To Succeed in 2020, Build Lookalike Audiences Off of Holiday Traffic

The holidays are fast approaching, which means you’re in the midst of campaign planning and execution. A lot goes into your campaigns, including targeting the right audience to drive traffic to your page and get those conversions! You need to target precisely, craft engaging content, have stand-out creatives and great timing—so, with all that effort going into capturing your ideal audience, make sure you don’t lose them after the holidays are over!

With lookalike audiences, you’re able to make the most out of your holiday spend by creating a list of users who mimic the online behaviours as those who visited your site previously. So, what are the best ways to use lookalikes during your holiday campaigns? Let’s dig in.

Tentpole Events: Black Friday/Cyber Monday

When you have a big tentpole event happening, you need to take advantage of the traffic you’ll be driving to your site. Building a lookalike audience works best when you are driving a large volume of highly interested visitors. Take Black Friday or Cyber Monday for instance—49% of US internet users are planning to research Black Friday deals through retailer websites, and 37% through search engines. This is a huge amount of traffic coming your way.

Once the days actually arrive, there is also a massive influx of traffic. In 2018, retail sites saw an average daily traffic of 344.4 Million users on Black Friday and 303.8 Million users on Cyber Monday. With a lookalike pixel, you’ll be able to capture all of those users who are researching deals and those day-of site visitors, and create an audience that looks just like them. The benefit is, if the new audience has similar behaviour, it increases the likelihood of conversions down the road.

Bottom-Funnel Campaigns: Conversions

Bottom-funnel campaigns normally have the same goal in mind—conversions. You’ve nurtured your target audience through the funnel, given them all the information about your product or offering they need to make a decision, and your goal now is to get them to convert. Whether the conversion is signing up for a webinar, registering for a demo or purchasing a product, you worked hard for it, so don’t waste the opportunity to find more users who exhibit the same traits. 

When you place a lookalike pixel on your conversion event—the thank you page after registration for example—the lookalike audience you will build will exhibit similar online behaviours as those who have converted, widening your audience pool and filling your bottom-funnel.

Event-Based: Video Completions

Not all campaigns are conversion based and sometimes you just want to target an audience to educate them about your brand. When you’re tackling an awareness campaign, the most important goal for the campaign is to capture the attention of users and build brand recognition. You want to target users who will engage with your content, allowing you to educate them about your brand and how you stand out above competitors.The challenge is finding new audience groups that will likely be intrigued by your content, similar to those who have already engaged.When you install a lookalike pixel on the completion event of your video, the users who have watched your full video will be captured, and you will be able to target other users who would also likely watch the entire video.

As you can see, lookalike audiences can serve you well in various scenarios where you want to capture interested and engaged audiences—especially around the holidays. So, while you’re in the midst of planning and launching your campaigns for this season, be sure to install a lookalike pixel so you can utilize all of the increased traffic coming your way in your 2020 strategies!

To learn more about lookalike audiences and how to implement them, contact your StackAdapt Representative.

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