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Campaign Planning Anxiety? We Have the Cure!

“Plan your work and work your plan”, a quote of unknown origin but slight variations of it have been used by Vince Lombardi, Margaret Thatcher and many others.

So now you’re thinking…. great quote but I can only effectively plan my work if I have access to the right tools—I am already an expert at working my plan when I have one.

At StackAdapt we understand that the ability to proactively plan your campaign will help to:

  • Avoid jumping right into execution without insights into where your best successes are.
  • Reduce the anxiety and stress of decision making.
  • Eliminate dealing with last-minute fire drills.

Which is why we are excited to announce our latest feature, the StackAdapt Planner.

The StackAdapt Planner gives you the power to identify high-value advertising opportunities before a single dollar of your budget is spent.

To best counteract any campaign planning anxiety and inform your ad strategy, use the Planner to surface the potential target reach and performance benchmarks from within StackAdapt across Devices, Categories, Channel Types and Geographies.

The Planner will show the inventory availability based on total impressions, as well as benchmarks for performance metrics like eCPM, eCPC, eCPE, CTR and Completion Rate %.

This has the potential to take your conversations with clients to a whole new level!

Contact your StackAdapt representative to learn more.

Not a StackAdapt customer? You’ll definitely want to be now – see the StackAdapt Planner (and so much more) in action.

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