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Improve Your Campaign Productivity With Bulk Edit

Nicolas is a Product Manager at StackAdapt. In over 4 years at the company, he has always aimed to build features that solve everyday problems advertisers face while keeping the users in mind to drive the most impact for their campaigns.

With programmatic advertising, real-time feedback on how your campaigns are performing while in-flight is crucial. The feedback you gather from your demand-side platform (DSP)’s reporting allows you to make quick optimization decisions that can help you meet your campaign goals. 

Bulk editing features are time savers when it comes to making multiple campaign modifications, quickly and easily. This tool can give your workflow a valuable boost in productivity. In a previous post, I explained why Bulk Edit in StackAdapt is one of my favourite features. And now, my opinion hasn’t changed—especially with some of the recent updates!

Although productivity is defined through many factors, we know that some platform features and functionalities can produce direct results toward improving it. For example, leveraging StackAdapt’s Bulk Edit is associated with a 22% decrease in median session length compared to using the campaign editor.

Read on to learn about some of the new capabilities and how you can start taking advantage of the bulk editor. 

New Elements You Can Adjust with Bulk Edit

In my previous blog, I covered how you can make bulk edits to targeting and inventory. Since then, we’ve released additional options to bulk update specific elements of your campaigns, multiple campaigns at a time. The new tabs we’ve introduced are organization, creative, bids, goals, and strategy. Below, I’ll explain what bulk edits you can make with each of these tabs.

  • Organization 

You can use the Organization tab to make bulk edits to the organization of your campaigns. This means modifying the advertiser, campaign group or campaign fields. You’ll find this capability is useful if you’d like to regroup selected campaigns under a new or existing advertiser or campaign group, or if you’d like to edit campaign names in bulk.

  • Creative 

The Creative tab allows you to make bulk edits to the ads in your campaigns. You can adjust the headlines, body text, and images across multiple campaigns. Let’s say you were planning to run the same ad again with the same copy, but wanted to add an updated creative image. This tool would enable you to recycle the copy and add the new creative image—fast! 

You can also make use of the bulk upload option. This makes it possible to upload creatives in bulk and assign them to specific campaigns. Then, the platform will allow you to edit the creatives using a spreadsheet that works similarly to an Excel spreadsheet. 

  • Bid and Goal   

You can use the Bid and Goal tab to make adjustments to the flight dates, bid type and amount, goal type and amount, and the budgets of multiple flights at a time. It’s a great tool for updating multiple parameters at a time with ease. For example, if you receive requests to change flight dates across multiple campaigns, you can make the changes with just one single step using the Bid and Goal tab in the bulk editor.

  • Strategy 

Within the Strategy tab you can make bulk edits to two different elements: Bid Factors and Creative Tactics. You can view the common bid factors between all of your campaigns and edit them in bulk. And with Creative Tactics you can edit any existing creative tactic for any of your campaigns. This means being you’ll be able to reorder the tactics or redefine the priority.

Regardless of what type of edit you’re making, Bulk Edit is useful because it will show you a preview of the edits on the flights you’ve selected, before you confirm the changes. This means that with every optimization you make, you can double check the updates being made before committing to them.

Improve Your Campaign Management Productivity With Bulk Edit 

We all know that campaign optimizations are always necessary, but can be pretty time consuming. I value Bulk Edit so much because it helps you to make these necessary optimizations more efficiently. Whether you’re running your first ever campaign, or have multiple flights on the go, it can save you valuable time. And, as your campaigns grow in complexity, you’ll find that Bulk Edit becomes even more useful!

To get started, try editing just two campaigns with the bulk editor. You can then work your way up to editing larger groups of campaigns. Ultimately, Bulk Edit will enable you to spend less time on campaign edits, and more time focusing on campaign performance. 

Reach out to your StackAdapt Representative to learn more about how you can use Bulk Edit in your next campaign.

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