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Save Time and Improve Campaign Accuracy With Bulk Edit

Nicolas is a Product Manager at StackAdapt. In over 4 years at the company, he has always aimed to build features that solve everyday problems advertisers face while keeping the users in mind to drive the most impact for their campaigns.

In programmatic advertising, it goes without saying time matters. Whether it is related to the timeliness of the message, campaign setup, or optimizations, the speed and accuracy at which decisions and changes are made is fundamental to campaign success. Thankfully, features like Reporting and Audience Insights can provide real-time feedback on how your campaigns are performing while in-flight. Some of the elements you may want to focus on for optimizations are targeting, inventory, and creative. These 3 elements are key to assessing how effective and efficient your campaign is at obtaining your business goals.

You have likely experienced having to do optimizations across multiple campaigns, and as quickly as possible. And making multiple changes in a campaign can not only be a tedious practice, but you could potentially face a margin of error when enacting these changes across several campaigns. So how can you get your optimizations done quickly and effortlessly? Use my favourite StackAdapt feature, Bulk Edit.

Bulk Edit in a Nutshell

Bulk Edit enables you to make large and crucial changes to your campaigns in just a few simple clicks. It was designed to save time and improve productivity in day-to-day campaign management. By displaying campaign fields available for Bulk Edit as well as a preview of campaigns that will be affected by this change, it puts you in the driver’s seat with full control when it comes to understanding and making changes to your campaigns.

When To Use Bulk Edit

Currently, Bulk Edit allows you to edit specific elements such as targeting and inventory of a campaign in bulk.


You can proactively make bulk changes to your campaign’s targeting parameters in real-time—to add or remove parameters such as geographic locations and audience segments based on campaign performance.

For example, you are running multiple campaigns targeting one city, Chicago. You noticed your campaigns are not scaling due to the limited geo selected and would like to expand your reach by targeting an additional city, like New York. You can bulk edit targeting by selecting the affected campaigns and adding New York as a new target city.

Additionally, a similar tactic can be applied in the event where you are targeting multiple US cities in your campaigns and are looking to remove underperforming cities. Instead of individually removing the underperforming cities and repeating this process across multiple campaigns, having the option to bulk edit allows you to accomplish this task across several campaigns at once.


Editing Inventory in bulk enables you to make multiple adjustments to fine-tune your device types, deal IDs, domain inclusions or exclusions, and supply sources used within a campaign or across multiple campaigns. 

For example, you are noticing the mobile inventory is not performing as expected across multiple native campaigns and would like to scale back on mobile traffic—or completely remove this inventory type all at once. These changes can all be made in conjunction with one another directly within the bulk editor.

Getting Started

Whether you’re running a campaign for the first time, or have multiple flights, conducting optimizations in a timely manner is a necessary but cumbersome task. Bulk Edit is the perfect feature for anyone looking to make multiple changes to their campaign quickly, and easily.

Stay tuned for updates to this feature and reach out to your StackAdapt Representative to learn more about how you can use Bulk Edit in your next campaign.

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