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From Targeting to Measuring Success: Get the Most out of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Campaigns

Absolunet is an eCommerce agency and integrator with 250+ people obsessed with delivering results, creating ROI-producing (and award-winning) eCommerce experiences since 1999. StackAdapt is pleased to feature this article, with actionable takeaways, on finding success for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns.

Black Friday used to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Today, it is a week-long affair.

Some Black Friday numbers to remind you of what’s at stake: 

  • From Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, more than 174 million Americans shopped in-store and online. 
  • 77 million consumers cited Black Friday as the most popular day for in-store shopping, followed by Small Business Saturday (55 million consumers). 

(Numbers from the National Retail Federation).

What This Means for Marketers

Everyone is running their deals. With more options, shoppers can compare prices and make more informed decisions about what to purchase. That’s why it’s important to build your campaign strategy to move from brand awareness to conversion, using coherent messages and creatives.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide unique opportunities for success, as they offer the chance to entice customers to visit a brick and mortar store for Friday deals, while also promoting online sales for the Monday. If you participate in both, there is a unique opportunity to offer Cyber Monday promotions to your customers who visit a store on Friday—for example, offering a unique promo code to anyone who visits Friday morning. If you do not have a physical location to take advantage of Black Friday, you can partner with retailers who have a physical location, while still running promotions for the Monday.

In partnering with with other retailers, you can use co-operative marketing to stand out from the crowd. This involves forging closer partnerships with other companies in your digital ecosystem and leveraging the right technology and measurement tools. Absolunet and StackAdapt have created a comprehensive checklist for brand manufacturers and retailers wanting to work together. Get the Cyber Monday Marketing Checklist: Collaborate to Compete.

Targeting Throughout the Funnel

Top funnel:

  • Determine your total addressable market. Then reach out to the largest section of your known and unknown audience.
  • Decide what types of ad formats you want to run for each audience. Video assets are great for generating awareness.
  • Consider key demographic characteristics such as age and profession. Then choose the appropriate segments for 3rd-party audience targeting.
  • Place pixels on your site. This will allow you to collect an audience pool to retarget.
  • Another way to generate new audiences is by collecting a pool of “added to cart” prospects to create Lookalike Audiences


  • As you near Black Friday/Cyber Monday and start to gather audiences into your funnel, integrate Connected TV (CTV) to your media mix to create additional awareness. This will help to make a pool of video completion prospects for retargeting.

Bottom funnel:

  • Leverage native ad formats and content to educate prospects on your brand, specifically for big ticket purchases.


  • Avoid bombarding customers who have already purchased. Upload your CRM data of recent and past purchasers to use as suppression list. You can also use this list to promote complementary products to your past purchasers. For example, if they purchased a pair of gloves, they may be interested in the matching scarf.

What the Creatives Might Look Like

As you finalize your campaign strategy, you want to ensure you incorporate various ad formats and sizes.

If you do not have a physical location, and you want to drive shoppers to a partner retail location, your Black Friday display ad might look like this:

As part of your Cyber Monday promotions, you will likely be driving traffic to your site to make a purchase. Leverage native ads to inform your prospects of your product at the top of the funnel. The ad may look like this:

As your prospects move further down the funnel for Cyber Monday, leverage display ads to lift the performance of your campaigns, using language such as “Add to Cart” to drive the final sale home. Your ad might look like this:

When you are running your bottom funnel campaigns, such as retargeting, use features from a previous search to provide a more personalized experience. This type of dynamic retargeting will be hyper relevant to the viewer and likely capture attention, whether it be showing them the yellow hat they clicked on twice, or the blue jacket they added to their cart but abandoned. Finally, leveraging creative elements such as motion, will be beneficial to catching the eye of the user and drawing their attention to the ad.

How to Measure Success

To measure the success of your campaign, you will need to attribute the conversion or sale to the impression that was served from your campaign. Plan to spend time with your team going through all of your analytics tools to ensure you are recording all the appropriate data.

For in-store visits, a location intelligence platform like Cuebiq gives you the information you need. Cuebiq can measure foot traffic lift to your brick and mortar locations after a prospect sees a digital ad. Cuebiq collects over 100 data points per user, per day, creating the biggest and most accurate geo-behavioural visitation data available—all while being GDPR compliant as no personally identifiable information is collected.

How Can We Help

Leverage the StackAdapt Creative Studio to create a holistic campaign strategy. Using data-driven insights, the team can tailor the ad format to the customer journey, as well as supply sources using various custom ad formats. The Creative Studio can create ad assets that perform exceptionally well through the funnel by marrying functionality with creatives.

Absolunet’s marketing team manages the channels and campaigns of manufacturers and some of their retailers. The complexity of co-operative marketing is a part of their day-to-day. They have specialists (marketing and technological) that work 24/7 to maximize your investments.

Reach out to your StackAdapt Representative to get started with your Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns.

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