It’s All In The Strategy: Bid Factoring and Creative Tactics will Streamline your Campaign Set-up

Despite digital’s unique ability to help brands and agencies automate and optimize precisely targeted campaigns, without the right tools, marketers are left with employing programmatic strategies that are highly manual and based on guesswork as much as data science.

Now campaigns with hundreds of bulky line items are a thing of the past. StackAdapt is excited to introduce Bid Factoring and Creative Tactics in our new suite of Strategy tools.

There is no longer a need to spend time creating multiple campaigns to execute multiple tactics. As a result you can have more granular control in your optimizations. For example, instead of entirely removing some supply sources, you can simply reduce the bid.

The Beauty of Bid Factoring

With Bid Factoring, advertisers and marketers can test hundreds of variants against their campaigns, then optimize for effectiveness, in one fell swoop.

Bid Factoring works by enabling advertisers and marketers to automate precisely targeted campaigns by providing a means of defining multiple bid tactics for a single campaign. When you add multipliers to your bidding strategy you can competitively pursue desirable impressions.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can leverage bid factoring:

  • If you want to target your brand-valued millennial males in the area around the Staples Center before the big game, you can program the bidder to bid twice as much as the current bid to win mobile impressions in that geo, 1 hour prior to tip off.
  • If you want to reach potential investors on premium finance domains, then specify the domain category as business/finance and set your bid multiplier to 1.5x.
  • Increase the bid multiplier on those specific sites, like, that are converting best to win the impressions.

Bid Factoring puts optimization within reach in just a few simple clicks. And bid multiples can be manually tweaked at any time, so campaigns run at peak performance, while marketers don’t need to sacrifice control.

The Charm of Creative Tactics

Creative Tactics helps advertisers and marketers automate and optimize precisely targeted campaigns by providing a means to define which creative to show based on specific tactics in a single campaign.

Here is how can you leverage creative tactics:

  • Need to promote a concert to the same audience but differ the creative between Las Vegas and St. Louis? That’s the charm of Creative Tactics—it enables you to automatically serve the most relevant ad to the audience segments that you need to drive results.
  • You are running sales—lots of summer sales for items in your product catalogue. You want your message and creative to match the right segment, all during your 4 day sale event. “Save up to 50% off on bikes” would contain a bike and be served to biking enthusiasts; where as “Save up to 30% on summer clothing” will likely be served for a primarily female millennial segment.
  • Want to target across a spectrum of individuals for your destination serve family oriented creatives to females looking for kid-friendly vacations and sports oriented creatives to males looking for a weekend golf getaway.

By developing creative tactics for more relevant ad delivery across the customer journey, you can serve engaging ads to the most appropriate audiences.

StackAdapt’s new suite of Strategy tools are designed to ensure you can spend less time separating line items and campaign tactics, and more time analyzing results and planning for your next campaign run.

Not sure where to begin with your creative journey?

Beyond art + copy, the Creative Studio combines creative, digital media and data to develop and execute custom creative advertising solutions that work. Rooted in hard data, Creative Studio campaigns are created to be repeatable, scalable and continuously optimized for business growth.

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