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My Favourite StackAdapt Feature: Dynamic Retargeting

Zach, a StackAdapter of 2 years, is an Account Executive who has had great success helping his clients get the most out of their campaigns.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) are loaded with countless features to allow for better control over your digital campaigns. You can build your own data segments, implement creative tactics, execute sequential messaging—all through one platform! This makes it hard to choose a single feature that stands out in the crowd. That being said, when I was asked to write about my favourite StackAdapt feature, the answer came right away: dynamic retargeting.

What is Dynamic Retargeting?

Let’s talk DRT. Dynamic retargeting allows you to serve ads to a user featuring the most recent product page they’ve visited. This means you’re able to serve a creative containing the exact item a user has viewed on your website, and remind them of the product they’ve shown interest in throughout their online journey. This strategy differs from standard retargeting where generic ads are served to users who have visited your site. Standard retargeting ads remind the user of your brand message, while a dynamic retargeting ad reminds the user of the exact item they were looking at. The best part about dynamic retargeting in StackAdapt is that you’re able to run it with both native and display campaigns! 

Since dynamic retargeting ads will vary depending on the item the user viewed, the ads will look slightly different to provide a unique experience. In the images below, you can see that opennette utilized dynamic retargeting to remind site visitors of clothing items they checked out, and although the ads follow a similar structure, the image and text varies. In one example, there’s a reminder for a pair of shoes, in the other, a pair of pants.

Similar to the opennette ads, snugglely created dynamic retargeting ads that feature different products—their pillow and their mattress. Depending on the interest of the site visitor, they will be reminded of the specific product that captured their attention. 

When to use it?

You’ll notice that each of these display creatives include the strong Call To Action (CTA) of “Shop Now”. This is because dynamic retargeting is a great mid to lower funnel tactic. Since the user has visited your site and viewed a specific item, you know that they are aware of your brand and have moved from the top to the middle of the funnel. This audience is past the brand awareness stage, so it makes sense to reallocate your ad dollars to a conversion driven campaign tactic like DRT. 

Why is this beneficial?

We know retargeting works. When a user visits your site and is retargeted, your brand recall increases as they continue their online journey. Our data team has pulled examples from our platform that prove that the more a customer is reminded of your brand, the more likely they are to convert. 

Below is data from a month long campaign that was run on the StackAdapt platform. This chart portrays that when a user is served 20 retargeting impressions over the course of a month, they are likely to convert at a rate of 0.08%. However, if the user is only served 5 impressions over the month, they convert at a rate of 0.04%. By implementing retargeting with 20 impressions or more, you increase the likelihood of conversion by 50%. 

Leveraging dynamic retargeting allows you to reach your retargeting pool, with the most relevant message, not only increasing web traffic, but also encouraging brand recall. These users have already shown interest.This is an ideal tactic for e-commerce sites that offers a range of products and/or that appeal to a range of customers.

Personalized ads drive purchases because they are more relevant to the consumer’s interests. They strengthen relationships with existing customers by prompting users to continually engage with your brand.

How to get started?

To start, you’ll need to decide which elements of the web page you’d like to dynamically generate in your ad. Some key things to include would be the product image, product name, price or unique selling proposition. We work with our Creative Studio to build awesome, visually appealing ads and work with you to have our dynamic pixel placed on your site. Easy as D-R-T!

If you’d like to learn more about dynamic retargeting and how to set it up in your campaigns, reach out to your StackAdapt Representative.

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