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Your Attribution Model is Missing a Third of Your Customers [Video]

In this new video, StackAdapt Co-Founder, Vitaly Pecherskiy (COO) unveils what Leger research taught us about consumer behaviour on mobile and why many digital marketers continue to use an attribution model that fails to capture a third of their customers. 

“While everybody has a cell phone, almost nobody is using it for buying online. Consumer shopping habits on mobile is definitely something of really high interest to us. Understanding that it’s probably going to be one of the highest areas of growth for commerce and we really want to be a part of it so that’s why we employed Leger Marketing to help us navigate the increasingly complex landscape of how people buy on mobile and try to draw insights from them.”

“Currently, e-commerce accounts for roughly 10% of all retail shopping. M-commerce accounts for 10% of e-commerce. So, it’s basically 1% of all retail. And what we realized is that only 10% of people that buy online use mobile which is very much in line with global statistics.”

“More than half of people complain about the screen size. Even though we do see mobile phones slowly increasing in size, I don’t think it will solve the challenge of being able to browse and discover products the same way as people do on desktop.”

“The second largest complaint was about the poor landing page experience. So, what brands can take away from this is that while you can’t really do anything about the size of the screen, you can invest a lot more into user experience and user design. I think that’s the lowest hanging fruit for brands is to invest in the user experience on the website.”

“What we’ve discovered is that the majority of buying actually happens in the entertainment vertical. Things like mobile apps, tickets, they’re universal to everybody. Whereas things like clothing, travel, financial products that need to be highly personalized, they are the least purchased products on mobile.”

“Marketers don’t understand the extent to which people are actually using mobile in their day to day life when it comes to discovering brands for the first time or purchasing online. What we realized is that 38% of people discover the product for the first time on mobile and then they choose to use desktop to actually complete the purchase.”

“So, oftentimes they’ll overvalue direct or organic traffic from desktop, when in reality more than a third of consumers discover your product for the very first time on mobile.”

“So, what that tells me is that companies that are operating in those verticals, they need to think of how do you allow customers to personalize your product on mobile in a very easy, intuitive fashion.”

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