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A Day in the Life of a StackAdapt Creative Strategist

In our blog series “A Day in the Life at StackAdapt,” we’ll be showcasing incredible StackAdapters. From client-facing Account Executives, behind-the-scenes Data Scientists, or our Product team at the forefront of innovation, everyone plays a vital role in providing the best product and service to our clients.

For the second edition of our A Day in the Life at StackAdapt series, we sat down with our Senior Creative Strategist, Myriam Galarneau, otherwise known as Myr. We got an inside look at what a typical day looks like for a member of the Creative Studio team, and learned about the work they do to help our clients take their campaigns to the next level.

Tell us a bit about your journey to your current role as a Senior Creative Strategist.

Before StackAdapt, I worked at a few different companies as an in-house graphic and motion designer, and I also had experience working at another DSP where I designed concepts for mobile executions. These experiences made me realize that I wanted to bring my expertise further into the advertising landscape and work towards designing more engaging programmatic ads. In February 2019, I found the perfect fit for my skills at StackAdapt, and I haven’t looked back since.

What does an average day look like for you?

I always start my day by looking at my ever-growing to-do list and prioritizing what projects need to be completed first. The campaign launch date and project size determine what order I tackle each item.

Creative strategy is a labour of love, and it can sometimes take a long time to perfect the end product—which also means everyday looks different for me. As an example, making a set of animated rich media banners can take anywhere from half a day to a full day, depending on how many variations are needed. Some days I’m focused on a single creative, where other days, I build 10! As a team, we put a lot of love into the assets we build, which why they are often above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We make sure to put our stamp of approval on everything before it goes out the door.

Other than strictly working on ads, a portion of my day goes into strategy brainstorming sessions with our sales team or meetings with clients interested in the services that the Creative Studio offers. Albeit, it also involves a lot of communication with the other Creative Strategists, and a lot of coffee in between. There is never a shortage of work to do on our team—and I love this. It gives me an outlet to not only be creative almost constantly but proactively work on new projects.

What role do you feel that a Creative Strategist at StackAdapt plays in the programmatic landscape?

The role of a Creative Strategist is to ensure all assets are built with creativity and strategy (hence the name) in mind—whether that’s HTML5 banners, native, or video. More specifically, because some clients rely on StackAdapt for answers regarding the creative side of their programmatic strategy, we’re responsible for elements such as brand messaging or how best to use the ads to drive traffic to a landing page.

Another key part of the role is paying close attention to emerging trends in the industry, especially when it comes to new ad formats. We constantly come up with innovative ways to perfect each medium in the programmatic landscape, and we have many opportunities to test and learn what works—and what doesn’t. For example, we have recently been working on connected TV (CTV), where we have taken a deep dive into exploring this video format and orchestrating ways to maximize its performance.

What is the key to success as a Creative Strategist?

What I love the most about this role is that I get to be creative and think critically about all the tasks I undertake. I would say that the key to success as a Creative Strategist is being able to adapt to the constant changes in digital advertising and stay ten steps ahead of our clients. After all, we’re the liaisons for all creative ad assets at StackAdapt, and the way we’re able to best help our clients perform is by carefully listening to their needs, and materializing their vision into digital ads that win.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

I love collaborating with the sales team to provide great strategies for our clients. Whether it’s suggesting a fresh new idea, or seeing the ads we’ve created come to life, I feel rewarded knowing that the work I do is contributing to the success of those around me.

Even more rewarding are the clients. The feedback that we get is truly the best part—hearing any and all comments. Knowing that my team and I have a direct impact on the performance of our clients is so fulfilling, and we know we’ve done a good job when they come back to us asking for more creatives in the same and new formats. This really fuels the creative engine that I have, because as they become excited about the work we are doing, I get more excited to keep creating for them! I’m grateful for all of the amazing clients I have worked with, and look forward to deepening these relationships in years to come.

What is a trend in digital advertising or programmatic that you’re interested in these days?

I would have to say that the trend I’m most interested in is how more marketers are repurposing existing media to fit more ad formats. For example, using YouTube live videos within rich media creatives is highly relevant to many verticals, such as political outreach. Because it’s increasing in popularity, I’m interested in finding new ways of repurposing existing assets.

Another trend that I’m interested in ties back to the emerging format we’re currently working on—CTV. There are so many great ads that can be made for CTV, and as we explore the options, I’m noticing there are best practices for optimal content delivery. Imagine having the ad buffering halfway because the output file is too large? These are nuances not everyone thinks of, and I’m very interested in how the messaging and technical aspects of the ads can be altered to best suit the medium and the audience. Tailoring the messaging across channels, while keeping the brand voice consistent is something I keep exploring—and I love learning how it is evolving with CTV.

What is your favourite part about working at StackAdapt?

I have to say it is the people. You can learn so much from the person sitting right next to you, whether it be about their functional area or about the advertising industry. We’re surrounded with like-minded people who all strive for this company to succeed. We’re always looking for a new challenge, and with that, new ways we can better our skills as creators and innovators. There are only proactive and positive people around me, who give me the support and inspiration to do what I do every day. I am so thankful for everyone who I have been working with, and I am always so excited when a new face joins our team to see what kind of insights they bring to the table. I can easily say, I don’t think this company would be what it is today without the support and collaboration across individual members of each team.

Every month we will be highlighting our teams and employees in our “A Day in the Life at StackAdapt” series—stay tuned for more!

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