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5 Ways StackAdapt Makes Switching from Display to Native Advertising Easy

There are a number of reasons digital marketers should be moving budget from banner ads to native: increased click through rates, an uptick in engagement and brand lift, and cross-device effectiveness, to name a few.

But even with this (now mainstream) format set to dominate mobile ad spend by 2020, many agencies and brands still struggle to make the switch from traditional display. Understanding the reasons behind this common challenge led us to develop automation tools & processes that make adopting native advertising as simple as possible. Here are 5 ways we make switching from display to native advertising easy.

1. In-House Copywriting: Expert Suggestions

A major difference between generating native advertising and traditional display is the reality of having a headline and description in addition to your image. That’s why we have a team of expert copywriters on hand to help with headlines and description copy. Our team will supply a variety of options for you to choose from or use as inspiration for your own in-house writer.

2. SmartAds: Shutterstock Integration

Knowing which type of imagery to use can be tough. What will customers respond to? We’ve integrated with Shutterstock so you have free access to thousands of images at the click of a button. A/B testing numerous creatives to understand what resonates with your audience has never been easier.

3. Magic Wand: Your Creative Wizard

This is the kind of automation that we pride ourselves on and continue to improve every day. The Magic Wand tool scans your landing page URL to auto-populate the headline, description, and image fields with relevant content. These copy and image suggestions serve as a creative starting point and can even serve as one of your creative options when split-testing.


4. Page Speed Detector: Optimize User Experience

Another difference between display and native is that the click-through page is a key aspect of native advertising. This is because CTR is 5-8x higher with native than banners, and usually directs to valuable content. Our Page Speed Detector ensures your page loads in an acceptable time frame, providing your audience a smooth experience with your brand.

5. Ad Preview: Ensure Your Ad Meets Expectations

Our Ad Preview tool puts you and/or your client at ease by providing a clear example of what your ad creative will look like out in the wild. Whether this is your first native ad, or thousandth, it allows you to ensure your ad meets expectations.

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