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StackAdapt Partners With LiveRamp for 1st-Party Data Measurement

StackAdapt Has Partnered With LiveRamp to Offer a New 1st-Party Data Measurement Solution to StackAdapt Users.

Toronto, ON – September 30, 2022 – StackAdapt (www.stackadapt.com), a programmatic advertising company, has partnered with LiveRamp, the leading global data enablement platform, to offer a new attribution solution that allows brands to quantify the impact of their StackAdapt advertising on offline sales and other conversion data sets.

1st-Party Data Measurement leverages its integration with LiveRamp to match client offline conversion data to online campaigns in a privacy-safe way, either mid- or post campaign. This partnership enables clients in the US to improve the effectiveness of their ad spend and uncover total return on investment from StackAdapt campaigns on offline conversions.

Together, StackAdapt and LiveRamp allow for matching client-owned offline conversion data back to the target audiences that were served a StackAdapt ad, and enables them to measure offline conversion impact mid- and post-campaign. Through LiveRamp, client owned data is anonymized to protect consumer privacy, prior to sharing with StackAdapt. From StackAdapt, clients can access enhanced metrics showing accurate reach, customer penetration percentage, and frequency data. 

1st-Party Data Measurement is unique because it provides clients with the opportunity to quantify return on investment on their offline sales and conversion data through closed loop attribution reports. Offline event data can be derived from a variety of sources, including voters and in-store sales.

Accurate closed loop attribution for  StackAdapt campaigns will help to reduce media spend waste, and empower StackAdapt users to gain confidence in their programmatic strategy through optimized data reporting. 

“1st-Party Data Measurement leverages our partnership with LiveRamp to give our users more transparency into the media spend that they are running on our platform,” says Denis Loboda, Director of Data Solutions at StackAdapt. “We want to empower our clients to get the right data to support their digital media strategy, and this solution will help bridge that gap.”

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is the leading data enablement platform for the safe, easy and effective use of data. Powered by core identity resolution capabilities and an unparalleled network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. LiveRamp’s fully interoperable and neutral infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies and publishers. For more information, visit www.LiveRamp.com.

About StackAdapt

StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform used by the most exceptional digital marketers. This state-of-the-art platform is where some of the most progressive work in machine learning meets cutting-edge user experience. Ad buyers plan, execute, and manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns across all devices, inventory and publisher partners. For further information, visit www.stackadapt.com.

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