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Why SEM Specialists Are Wizards Of The Digital Marketing World

Feb 24, 2016 / by StackAdapt

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Search engine marketing (SEM) specialists are busy folks. They develop marketing campaigns around keywords, drive traffic to websites, and somehow find the time track and analyze data to identify opportunities for optimization. But how do they do it? Are they constantly at work, or is there sorcery afoot? As an ordinary, non-magical being myself, I can only speculate about the source of their remarkable powers. But speculate I must. So here are 11 reasons why SEM specialists are probably wizards.


1. They have an uncanny (some would call itsupernatural) ability to help you survey the current strength of your website




2. They have the power of divination, which they use to monitor, learn and adapt to any and all search engine revisions




3. They can help your business improve its online visibility, traffic, leads and sales. Digital expertise or witchcraft, I ask you?


Witchcraft, me thinks!



4. They use love potions to win the attention of potential customers and increase your sales potential


“Some eye of newt should help with conversion rate optimization”



5. They have ancient magical knowledge of the ways that search engines operate


An SEM specialist’s reaction when their link starts ranking on the first page of Google Search



6. They sometimes dabble in the dark arts, like by quantitatively improving deep content indexation by reducing site depth and eliminating duplicate content… Damn that’s evil




7. They can save you many hours of figuring out the intricacies of search engine optimization with the flick of a wand


accio backlinks!



8. And like all magical beings, you don’t want to get on their bad side




Or else you might face some serious consequences…

Where your site will rank in search engines if you don’t use SEM






You can’t fool us, SEM specialists! The secret’s out!

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Written by StackAdapt

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