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Why Digital Marketing Specialists are the Unsung Heroes of Online Advertising

Nov 30, 2015 / by Stefanie Neyland



What exactly is it that you do?

So you basically work in advertising?

That’s so cool that you get to sit on Facebook all day!


As a digital marketing specialist, you’ve likely heard at least one—if not all—of the above at one time or another. “Digital marketing” is a short phrase with a very long meaning. The term is all encompassing, and when someone asks you what you do for a living there’s no short answer.


The reality is that you do, well, a bit of everything.


Writing, designing, advising, project managing, coding, reporting, analyzing, tweeting and posting are all part of your job description. Yes, it’s creative, challenging, and fun, but it’s also fast-paced and rather stressful at times. 


If you’re feeling overworked and underappreciated, consider this post an ode to the unsung digital marketing heroes of the world.


We understand your challenges, pain points, joys and successes— so here’s a light-hearted list of just some of those all-too-familiar situations that are commonplace in the average working day of an online advertising aficionado.


1. They appreciate that working in the digital marketing field requires a very specific skillset. 



And they maintain composure when those new to the industry establish themselves as self-proclaimed digital marketing gurus.  

4743e1ef5d69c8e71701e2b74d92c08d-1.jpg Unconvinced-1.gif


2. They understand that friends, family and co-workers have very different ideas about what they actually do for a living.


What their parents think they do:



What their friends think they do:



What they think they do:



What their boss thinks they do:



What they actually do:



3. They're not afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive right into new media buying platforms. 



4. They often find themselves questioning the complex approach their technology partners take to media buying.  



Not to mention the black magic behind their machine learning algorithms.giphy-9.gif



5. They’re part of a very small group of people on the planet that actually find jokes like this funny.



6. They have the ability to create headlines people want to read without resorting to sensationalist, crass and provocative language. You’ll never guess the shocking truth as to how they do it!



7. They weren't taught how to optimize YouTube video campaigns in school—they learned how to do it in the digital marketing battle fields. 



8. They're always up to date with the latest industry trends, and they’re definitely not afraid to experiment with them.



9. They’re well-versed in the latest digital marketing buzzwords—even when others aren’t.  



 10. They understand the importance of looking beyond vanity metrics.



11. Multinational corporations (who shall remain nameless) that make their day that little bit harder really grind their gears. 



12. Broken attribution model? NBD.  It's all in a day's work for a digital marketing specialist.




13. They actually stop and think about how their marketing messages may affect a user’s experience. 



14. They appreciate that some things aren’t quite as straightforward as they may seem to others. 




15. They feign interest when someone on their team unveils their new Instagram #leadgeneration program.



And they manage to suppress the urge to say what they're really thinking...



16. When called upon for help by other team memberswhich they invariably arethey always accept thanks graciously. 



Meanwhile, in their minds they're actually doing this: 




But at the end of the day, even though life as a digital marketing specialist is full of ups and downs...



They know that there’s no other job they’d rather be doing.


They’re proud to be part of a talented group of digital marketing specialists—the unsung heroes and changemakers of the online advertising world.







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