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Which Famous Creative Best Represents Your Style of Media Planning?

Feb 03, 2016 / by Ben Chacon



Media planning is changing—rapidly. 


Back in the day, the job consisted of choosing a print or broadcast outlet that offered the best match with the advertiser's target market. Media planners would broadcast the same advertising message to millions of people in the hope that it would drive a response from a few thousand of them.


Unlike those days of yore, new digital trends have forced modern media planners to increasingly think outside-the-box. Luckily, creativity is in no short supply: By blending innovation with data, media planners today are producing stellar marketing successes across a myriad of channels and digital devices.


This combination of creative thinking with factual analysis has allowed media planners to develop new strategies to ensure that campaigns reach their target audiences as effectively as possible. And by applying their knowledge of media and communication platforms, they're building more brand awareness and delivering better creative media strategies than ever before.


By moving with consumers and adapting to the modern digital culture, media planners can be more creative with data and information, and channel this creativity into creating stronger and more personalized relationships with consumers. 


In the spirit of creativity, we put together a fun quiz to see which famous creative best represents your style of media planning. Enjoy! 




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Written by Ben Chacon

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