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What we learned at the IAB Roadshow

Oct 15, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

4 things we learned at last week's IAB Canada Roadshow.

We attended the IAB Canada Roadshow in Toronto on October 9th, the following are 4 things that we learned:

1. Digital advertising takes the largest share of ad spend

In Canada, and for the first time, online advertising has overtaken TV as the highest spent on media (by dollar value).

Native Advertising solutions
(source: IAB Canada Canadian Internet Advertising Revenue Survey

2. The landscape of Advertising spend between the United States and Canada are different

While the United States Advertising spend on online advertising is lower than Canada's by percentage, it dwarfs it in absolute measures.
By every indication, online Ad spend will continue to rise and eventually overtake TV in the United States as well.

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3. AD revenue from mobile (+ 177%) and video (+ %58) are significantly up and expected keep rising.

The highest surge in 2013 was Mobile revenue (+177%), which contributed significantly to overall Internet growth in 2013, almost trebling Mobile’s share of Total Canada Internet revenues from 5% up to 13% in 2013.

Native Advertising solutions

While Video sees the next highest jump in revenue to (+ 58% change).
What we at StackAdapt find interesting, as a Native Advertising solutions provider, is the noted drop in display advertising revenue (- 4%). A statistic we expected to see and believe will continue to drop as more spend will shift to more effective Native Advertising solutions.

Native Advertising solutions

4. Major Publishers are adopting Native Advertising solutions

Quebecor Media took the stage to explain Native Advertising to the audience and provide their own experience using Native Advertising solutions.
With an increase (+ 18%) in purchase intent of the viewer and a growth (+ 20%) in Native Ad spend. The solution is great for both publishers and advertisers.

Quebecor Media, one of Canada's largest publishers has invested heavily in adopting the solutions on their media sites, a move that is becoming more and more apparent with major online publishers.

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