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What publishers need to know about Native Advertising

Oct 03, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

What are Native Ads?

I’ll start with a preemptive answer, as we know and understand that Native Advertising is a new concept… put simply, they are the “anti-banner ads”! Native Ad units appear within the natural environment of the site or platform. Think of a sponsored Facebook post, where the Ad shows up in the in-feed stream. Compare that to a banner Ad, which does not flow within the user experience

So what do publishers, networks, publications and media houses need to know about Native Advertising Monetization?

• Non-Disruptive User Experience

Native advertising enables publishers to effectively run advertising on their sites with premium placements that don’t disrupt their user experience with intrusive display banner advertising.
The nature of a non-disruptive ad means that a website's users and readers stay on pages longer and are not bothered with evil pop-ups, out-dated and ignored banner ads or interstitial ads that hinder the user’s natural usage of a website.

• Placement and positioning

Over the last 20 years, engagement rates with banner ads have dropped exponentially, users have simply evolved to ignore banner ads altogether.
Advertisers and marketers have come to call this “banner blindess”.

Native Advertising Monetization
Source: Neilsen Neeman Group

The heat-map above demonstrates an average users’ view of a webpage, the very top and right hand side (the most common placements of banner ads)

Native Ads, being placed and appearing within content and in-feed are placed directly within a user’s natural viewpoint.

• Higher Engaging ads means Higher Performance

Native advertising placements generate higher click through rates and have deeper user engagement compared to display banners.
Higher performance translates to higher revenue for publishers, networks and websites as brands are more inclined to pay premium pricing for native advertising.

• Relevant Branded Ad Content

Having advertising that appeals to its audiences is more effective for brands to relay their message, which is why marketers and advertisers are always looking for innovated methods to reach their audience with native advertising. Ads that can actually relate to the site’s content and consumers are much more effective at engaging and reaching targeted audience than generic ones.

• Customizable Ad Experience

Native advertising gives publishers the chance to fully customise their ad experience to their users by having advertising that has the same look, feel and style of the content on their site. So websites and publishers have to change their lay-out to accommodate banner ads. Native Ads can be manipulated and shaped to fit within a website user’s experience regardless of the website’s formatting or layout.

• The opportunity with native advertising

Native advertising allows publishers the opportunity to restore the “golden days” of revenue. Traditional display banners are becoming more and more of a commodity and publishers are seeing their revenues drop. Banner blindness is in full affect and native advertising gives publishers the opportunity to adapt to the change in online advertising and move towards the future of advertising.

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