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Webinar: How Full-Service Agencies Succeed in Native Advertising

Jun 22, 2016 / by Ben Chacon


It should go without saying that the best agencies care about results. 


Direct Consulting recently published a report about the most important factors that brands consider when picking an agency to partner with. Can you guess what they are?  

  1. A proven track record of success
  2. At the forefront of what’s going on in the industry
  3. Committed to white hat tactics


This shouldn’t be surprising. “Success” for an agency is often determined by their ability to execute successful campaigns for the brands they represent. And more and more, this requires the deployment of new and innovative marketing strategies.


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It's no wonder, then, why so many agencies are looking to native advertising as a way to engage more deeply with audiences. Unlike other forms of digital advertising (*ahem* banner advertising *ahem*), native advertising is a proven strategy for promoting branded content. What’s more is depending on the platform you partner with, native advertising provides transparency into all aspects of campaign deployment and optimization.


With all of this in mind, in our upcoming webinar, we tackle the ever-important question of how full-service agencies can succeed in native advertising.


We cover the essential topics, such as ways to maximize the impact of your native campaigns and best practices for campaign optimization. But we also lay out a proven step-by-step action plan, drawing on “real” data and examples of successful agency-run campaigns on StackAdapt’s platform.


We also introduce cost-per-engagement (CPE) bidding as a new benchmark for advertising success (if this your first time hearing about CPE, check out this blog post to catch up) and demo the StackAdapt platform. 


You don’t want to miss this one!



Written by Ben Chacon

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