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Webinar: Boost your holiday advertising with Native Ads

Nov 18, 2014 / by Ildar Shar

Advertisers have a significant incentive to promote during November and December, as they are the highest-stake months of the year.
Per Kantar Media, Last year, winter holidays accounted for nearly 20% of annual retail sales, or nearly $601.8 billion.
While Nielsen forecasts a surge in holiday season ad spend this year.
How does Native Advertising fit within your digital marketing mix? And how can you best utilize Native Ad technology to reach your target audience at the time of the year when consumers are hyperactive and advertisers are battling for their share of mind.

Reserve your seat, and join us on Friday, November 21, as Vitaly Pecherskiy, StackAdapt's co-founder and COO showcases how you can compliment your campaigns with effective, targeted Native Ads.

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