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Why Travel Advertising Should Mean Content Marketing

Apr 06, 2015 / by StackAdapt

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According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, 69% of B2C companies have increased production of content in 2015 from a year ago. Even though 73% of companies actively invest in content marketing, only 27% have documented having a strategy for content creation and distribution. What this tells us is that companies still struggle to nail how content marketing can be consistently used to build brand awareness and drive purchase intent. In this piece, we'll look into one industry—travel—that should be full of Content Marketing Monsters, but isn't yet. 




Travel Advertising can really be divided into two core types of companies; those competing on pricing and those competing on experience. Ticket booking platforms, no frills airlines and hotel chains are large representatives of the first type. Travel boards, upper-class hotel chains and airlines are those companies that compete for experiences. Their advertising, at its core, is content marketing. The main premise of these companies is to educate consumers about unique experiences they can encounter throughout their journey. And what better way to do that than to use content! Let's take a closer look. 


Content marketing for travel boards 

It is hard to imagine any other organization/company that knows its travel destination better than travel boards. After all, it’s their only destination! There are infinite ways to communicate the value of visiting the destination, some of which can be to create a list of top things to do during a particular season, or showcase upcoming festivals, concerts or events. The possibilities are infinite. A travel board can work closely with local infuencers to create this content; for example, Toronto's BlogTo could help with generating awareness of activities in the city this summer:



Video content... well, that goes without saying, but it can be a true gem:



Content marketing for hotels or airlines

Whereas it may be hard for hotel chains and airlines to focus just on one destination in their content, they can hit the jackpot by appealing to a certain demographic by aligning themselves with a sport or a lifestyle. Emirates have been aligning themselves with football (wink-wink) for a while now: 


Airbnb focuses on people who have a serious case of wanderlust. They understand the emotions that people experience when they walk out on the balcony for the first time in their new apartment in Argentina, or look outside their lodge in the middle of winter in Sweden, or dip their toes in the warm seawater in Thailand. What better way to capture the imagination of these people than to show other people experiencing it! Airbnb has certainly done it right:


We believe that companies in all industries have an infinite number of stories to tell. But the travel industry is unique because it is built around the product that most companies don't own: the destination. When creating content for travel-related brands, think of the emotions that people experience when they take the journey or arrive at the destination. Did you feel it when you watched the Airbnb and Emirates videos above? Then you know what you need to do!  


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