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StackAdapt Partners with AdsNative To Grow Programmatic Native Advertising Ecosystem.

Mar 03, 2015 / by StackAdapt


Toronto, ON (March 3, 2015) – Today StackAdapt, a company specializing in powering brands and trading desks with programmatic native advertising capabilities, partners with AdsNative, a company with a focus on helping publishers monetize their web and mobile properties using cutting-edge native ad formats.

The partnership is one of the first of its kind in the programmatic native advertising industry. AdsNative is considered a leader in building native advertising technologies for publisher monetization. The AdsNative platform enables centralizing demand across multiple buying partners, such as StackAdapt, alongside its capabilities to power publishers’ direct sales efforts. In turn, StackAdapt focuses on powering brands, agencies and trading desks with the ability to purchase native ad inventory at scale, while leveraging advanced audience targeting and the optimization capabilities of its platform.

“More brands are starting to leverage static and video content to speak to their consumers, and we are seeing that native advertising is emerging as a channel for distributing this content across the web in a non-interruptive manner. This will definitely be a pivotal year for native advertising, as programmatic technology adoption is spiking for both publishers and brands. After months of testing, we are excited to finally announce our partnership with such a strong and complimentary technology-focused player as AdsNative, ” said Ildar Shar, CEO of StackAdapt.

“As a Native SSP, AdsNative has always been focused on providing publishers with the best tools to create, manage, and monetize their native inventory. Our partnership with StackAdapt strengthens our ability to deliver high quality scalable native ad campaigns from top brands across the 1,000+ publishers we work with. Programmatic native advertising is now a reality, and StackAdapt was an early pioneer in helping us make that happen,” said Satish Polisetti, CEO of AdsNative.

About AdsNative: AdsNative is an ad-serving platform that allows publishers to monetize their websites/applications through visually integrated ads that blend with their content. Their SaaS tools enable publishers to manage and maximize native ad revenue from direct-sold and programmatic demand sources, including the AdsNative Exchange.

About StackAdapt: StackAdapt is a programmatic native advertising platform that powers some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated programmatic buyers. StackAdapt’s centralized buying platform provides access to the largest native advertising exchanges and premium publishers. It leverages real-time, data-driven targeting to reach consumers with highly engaging, content-driven native ad units served in-feed.

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