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StackAdapt Launches Retargeting

Jul 20, 2014 / by Ildar Shar

StackAdapt is excited to announce the roll out of Re-targeting capability as a part of our Native Advertising platform.

This will allow marketers to reach users that previously expressed interest in products or services by visiting brand's owned media property.

Re-targeting has proven to be a very effective way to reach motivated users for a chance to communicate with them multiple times. Content Marketing through Native Advertising can be used to drive these users to an "educational or engaging stage" of the funnel, to solve their specific problems or to entertain or amuse through high quality content.

When utilizing re-targeting, marketers can control the recency and frequency of ads. By recency, we understand the time stamp of when the web visit occurred. For example, if the user visited the site within the last hour, marketers can set up a separate campaign targeting this user separately (by setting up "pixel fire = within the last hour"). Frequency cap will limit the amount of times the user will see an ad. This is done to reach more unique users as well as maintain ad experience on a high level.

The launch of Re-targeting capability for Native Advertising indicates StackAdapt's continuous dedication to be a top Native Advertising platform globally, and gives a complete set of tools to marketers and brands to effectively communicate with their customers (current or future) through properly designed Content Marketing campaigns.


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