This September, we joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Canada, the not-for-profit association that oversees the digital advertising industry.As pioneers of the scalable native advertising platform we are truly a technology company at heart and our goal is to make Native Advertising open, accessable, and beneficial to advertisers and publishers alike.A member association such as the IAB provides online advertising research to its members and offers guidelines on digital advertising.Native Advertising might be getting some negative publicity of late (are you tired of receiving links to the John Oliver sketch yet?). As with any new technology or industry practice, there are bound to be growing pains especially as it pertains to its implications on the parties that use it for monetization or advertising, and that trickles down to the end users that are eventually exposed to it.

In short, we endorse IAB Canada's efforts because we believe that such member associations are necessary to ensure that guidelines are established and research is covering such industry practices. The IAB, with its member organizations working together with inventive advertisers, smart publishers, and great technology platforms would result in establishing best practices that benefit all.

We are proud to be part of the IAB Canada, and in being part of such an exciting industry at a great time, we beleive in, and work hard on ensuring that Native Advertising has a bright future with a trajectory for exponential positive growth.