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StackAdapt at HackerNest

Sep 30, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

The 5 things we learned at one of Toronto's best Tech social meetups.

Last night, September 29, StackAdapt sponsoring Sponsored HackerNest Toronto's September Tech Social. The event is designed to bring together the "brightest tech minds in Toronto" and the city's tech brethren all in one place.

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As a growing Toronto Startup, we at StackAdapt are proud to have sponsored this month's event, bringing free drinks to the masses, and of course meeting bright minds to discuss our future with and find the next member of our growing team.


As a group, it's our first Tech Social event, and we were excited to be part of it!

Here are the 5 things we learned from the event:

1. Toronto has a great and talented tech community

The people we met and talked to come from a variety of professional backgrounds with diverse interests. As a growing Startup, always looking for talented (and very capable!) engineers and developers to join our team, we are lucky that we are in a city with such a talented tech community.

2. "Networking" events can (and should) be fun!

The environment was extremely pleasant and there was a sense of excitement in the air.
The organizers and volunteers that put in their time and effort to make such an event do a great job.
The informal nature of the event helps induce friendly conversations.

3. Startups are well positioned to be in Toronto

Aside from the talented community that could be the backbone for "the next biggest thing".

VC's, Accellerators, Government institutions and private investors are all key components of building a culture that encourages and helps startups.
We at StackAdapt recently closed our seed round of funding and are an example of a fast growing startup that utilizes resources for growth and tech innovation.

4. Our interests are not only ours

"Native Advertising" is heard everywhere in the ADTech world, and we are completely engrossed in the possibilities and implications of our technology over the course of the next couple of years.
What we learned at the event was that our primary interest is a concept that many others in the tech community share; we had great conversations about Native Ads, the Advertising industry, ADTech topics, Online and Content Marketing.

5. People liked us!

We felt great as we were talking to many of Toronto's brightest Tech minds and in their interest level in what we are doing.
It comes as great validation that what we are excited and investing in creating is something that ignites passion in others.


A special Thanks to the team at @HackerNest and we hope to see you all at the next event!

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