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StackAdapt at DMexco

Sep 17, 2014 / by Ildar Shar

StackAdapt UK visits DMexco

Lewis Chadwick, Country Manager, UK shares his experience at one of the world's largest advertising conferences

Last week was the turn of the annual DMexco conference in Cologne, Germany.

Let it be said I’m a big fan of industry expos. Thousands of potential clients all under the same roof - what’s not to like?

One’s first reaction when arriving at DMexco is the sheer size of it – three giant rooms, hundreds of exhibitor stands and nearly thirty thousand people. It goes without saying we had a busy two days ahead of us.

As this is StackAdapt’s first year in Europe we were not involved as sponsors– so as visitors it paid to do our homework and learn about the business landscape, partnership opportunities and the state of content marketing today.

The event was a great success, and provided us with a great opportunity to introduce our company and technology to brands and agencies looking to expand their reach with the latest available technologies and networks and publishers looking to incorporate solutions on their sites.

This year there was a lot of interest from networks – both from a supply and demand perspective, a global cross-platform solution like ours can be very flexible: as it can power in-house native solutions, be a source of scalable high-CTR inventory and also generate incremental revenues.

From the representation of online brands at the event as well as my conversations throughout the two days, I believe that there clear signs pointing to the fact that online brands are increasingly interested in content marketing solutions and are keep to create and execute clickable, shareable content for their audience, which of course, is great news for native ad platforms like ours.

Speaking to a number of retailers on Wednesday evening, they had a similar story to tell, using content marketing to target large audiences to specific articles or videos is a becoming a big priority for their online brands.

Like most of these events, Ad agencies had some of the busiest stands there was (Facebook & Google had the others) and we were very happy at their interest levels and their eagerness to chat with us and start partnership opportunities.

We walked away from DMexco with a great sense of what the industry has in stock for the coming year, and excitement about the StackAdapt’s progress in the UK and the European marketplace and the potential that the upcoming year holds.

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