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My easy hack for cross-platform link exchange and note-taking using Slack

Jun 30, 2015 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy


At StackAdapt we love Slack. In this short post I am not going to explain why it is and absolutely amazing tool to supercharge the team-wide communication. Instead I will share one super convenient use of Slack that surprisingly many people don't know about. 


Even though I spend most of my day at my desktop, outside of work I am always on my mobile device responding to emails, browsing the web, sharing news, and exchanging music with friends. If you look at my Notes app on my iPhone, you would think I am a crazy person. Every random article I want to read, every thought I'd like to revisit the next day goes there. What I grew exponentially tired off is having to email or Dropbox a link, note, or a file if I saved it on mobile but wanted to access it on desktop (or vice versa).


Once I started using Slack, this problem of sharing files and notes across mobile and desktop has disappeared! Here is what you need to do:


1. Download Slack mobile app. (Unlike always-on apps like Skype, you can stay logged in without worrying about burning through your data.)

2. Create a private chat and be the only participant in it (that is if you want to keep it private). I called it vitaly-notes. 


That's it! Now every time you stumble on an article you want to read later on the desktop, or you saved an image on mobile but need to open it on desktop, simply upload it in your private chat with a hit of one button! 





You can further segment your own file and note sharing for easier management by creating separate private chats for links, images, and notes.


Hope you find this little hack useful too! Happy Slacking!


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