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Native Advertising Weekly Roundup

Oct 06, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

October 6, 2014

Each week, we bring to you the most relevant news stories covering native advertising, programmatic media trading and content marketing from around the web.

@mashable's 5 Hot Trends in Advertising are:

  1. Programmatic
  2. Native Advertising
  3. Video
  4. Mobile
  5. Women in Digital

@StephLizWalden reports from Advertising Week 2014 and highlights the top 5 buzzwords and changes coming to the advertising world.

Beth Nichols @Motleyfool for @daily_finance asks "Can This Advertising Innovation at "The New York Times" Save Sinking Ad Revenue?" in regards to utilizing native advertising to increase lost revenues from print. Programmatic mediaHer take is that the NYT, with their recent launch of T Brand Studio earlier this year to work with advertisers to "co-create" native advertising."may have finally found that cup-of-coffee-worthy formula for advertising, infusing its smart editorial style into content that resonates with an advertiser's audience in a way that preserves its integrity as a news source."

Helen Grimshaw of @WithNTENT explains " Why B2B Marketers Need to Embrace Native Advertising" for @marketingprofs The article clearly differentiates between the current state of banner ads vs. Native Advertising: In 2000, the banner click-through rate was 9%. Currently, it stands at a paltry 0.2%, plummeting 4,500% in just the past decade. In contrast, here are some of the latest stats about native advertising from Business Intelligence.

  • 52% of people who click on native ads have purchase intent compared to only 34% for banner ads.
  • 70% want to learn about products through content rather than traditional advertising.
  • 75% of publishers already offer some type of native advertising, with 90% saying they either have or will consider it.

Programmatic mediaIf you are a B2B marketer, the article is a must-read, as it highlights benefits of Native Ads such such as relevance, placement and the overall importance of using Native Ads as part of B2B marketing strategies.

@seb_joseph covers Heineken's dive into mobile native advertising after seeing an increase of 23% of brand awareness for its “Desperado” beer, While not new for beverage companies to use mobile and display advertising to gain market share and brand awareness, “it was only once personalised native mobile ads were introduced that awareness increased dramatically." via @MarketingWeeked

NBC gets with the programmatic @perlberg covers the transition in media buying and how NBC Is The Latest Network To Give Programmatic A Shot in @WSJ's CMO Today. Programmatic ad buying – whereby algorithms and machines replace phone calls and steak dinners — has long been stock-in-trade in online advertising. Programmatic media NBCUniversal will unveil NBCUx, a new initiative to offer its online display, mobile, and video inventory to its top clients on a programmatic basis. While major TV networks have been slowly shifting towards programmatic, @VranicaWSJ reports on a new study by Magna Global, the research and ad-buying arm of Interpublic Group. The report showsthat "expected spend on programmatic buying is to jump 52% this year to $21 billion globally and that programmatic buying would represent about 42% of global display-related ad business". Stay social on Facebook and Twitter! keep up to date on future blog posts.[tweet username="stackadapt" layout="vertical"]


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