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Native Advertising news of the Week - October 27

Oct 27, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy


Sir Martin Sorrell 'puzzled' by ongoing programmatic transparency debate

via @thedrum

WPP chief Sir Martin Sorrell has said he is "puzzled" by some of the debate circulating around transparency in the programmatic ad trading market.

Speaking at the Ad Tech conference in London he decribed WPP's trading desk Xaxis as an “agnostic” proposition and said when it moved into the space it gave existing clients and opt-in choice rather than opt-out.

According to Sorrell, the traditional ‘mad men’ model of advertising is being replaced with “mass men and mass women”, and it’s likely that next stages will include the “fusion” of the roles of chief marketing officer and chief technical officer, while WPP will in future employ workers from more of an engineering background in order to maximise data and analytics capabilities.

7 Advertising Trends That Show You Exactly Where This Industry Is Headed

Mobile and programmatic are changing everything

@GarettSloane for @adweek

Programmatic advertising is on track to be a $20 billion industry.

"This once small piece of the ad industry—the automated buying and selling of digital ads—is set to double from this year’s $10 billion to $20 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer’s latest report."

Among the 7 trends of industry movement are mobile programmatic ad spend surprassing destkop for the first time. The decline of ad spend on desktop channels and RTB accounting to %92.5 of this year's $10 billion buying pie.

The Banner Ad turns 20

@Kantrowitz for @Adage Provides a short history of the Banner Ad, from the first one appearing in HotWired (Wired Magazine's online edition) with a %44 CTR to today's average banner with a %0.09 (for those keeping score, that's a 97.9x drop!)

Marketing and programmatic most talked about topics at Ad Tech London

@Ishbel_Macleod for @thedrum

In case you were wondering what Ad Tech London's most occuring hashtags were.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Focused on Mobile, Native, Video

Via @mobileMW

Mayer revealed that Yahoo grossed more than $200 million in mobile revenues in the quarter — about 17 percent of total revenues — and is on track to top $1.2 billion in mobile ad sales this year. That would be more than a quarter of total revenues of $4.3 billion. Quoting Mobile, native advertising, video are the triumvirate of turnaround tactics.

Mayer also spoke to native ad revenues, stating during the earnings report that native ads reached $80 million per quarter.

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