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Native Advertising News of the Week - November 3rd

Nov 03, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

Each week, we bring to you the most relevant stories covering native advertising news, programmatic media trading and content marketing from around the web.

How can native advertising transform itself into a mature marketplace?

via @thedrum

"By 2017, eMarketer predicts that native ad spending will hit $5bn in the US. This year, it’s expected to jump from $1.6bn in 2012 to $2.85bn."

The article reveals a study that surveyed senior business directors at the top 20 media agencies in the UK, comprising a mix of heads of digital, digital strategy directors and digital business directors. The study discovered that of the 17 per cent of agencies that don’t yet incorporate native advertising into their media plans, all of them stated that they were planning to do so.

According to the findings, in order for this growth to continue, two core requirements; firstly scalability and secondly metrics that deliver and measure engagement. In terms of scalability this will undoubtedly come from the technology providers enabling native campaigns to run across high volumes of different types of media owner offerings – that will therefore provide the reach and diversity of audience to deliver effective campaigns.

Marketers Must Ask These 7 Questions About Native Content

Via @EntMagazine

With news outlets like Forbes, The Washington Post, and even The New York Times welcoming brand journalism with native advertising opportunities, marketers need to be careful that they aren’t misleading or blurring the lines between “real journalism” and straight advertising.

The original article instructs marketers some important questions to ask about native advertising when considering using the medium to amplify content or reach targets, from content to utilize to the fit and layout within the host page.

6 Digital Marketing Pros Define Programmatic Advertising

@mattkapko for @CIOonline

"In conversations with marketing professionals, it's rare for five minutes to pass without the topic turning to programmatic advertising. Ad dollars spent on direct programmatic initiatives are expected to reach $9.8 billion by the end of 2014, according to eMarketer. As the worlds of CIOs and CMOs collide, it’s critical to understand how those billions are being spent. The reality is that in the age of data overload, digital advertising poses as many challenges as opportunities. Programmatic advertising could prove to be the saving grace, but significant gaps in the understanding and nuances of the term still exist."

During last week's Programmatic Summit in L.A., an event focused on programmatic advertising in the digital media space, asked six conference attendees for their definitions of programmatic advertising, as well as details on what excites them most about the concept."

Native Advertising Gooses New York Times' Digital-Ad Sales

By @msebastian via

"Native advertising fueled a 16.5% increase in digital-ad revenue at The New York Times during the third quarter, the company said Thursday.

Digital ad sales reached $38.2 million in the third quarter -- which is the period from July through September -- comprising more than a quarter of total ad sales."



Great blog post delving deep into the benefits and costs of Native Advertising and giving an excellent overview of how companies and why companies should run their Native Ads.

"An increasing number of companies are attempting to leverage the pull capabilities that social media offers, instead of pushing masses of meaningless content in front of consumers. As users become more involved in brand conversations, they do not want to be talked at but rather engaged with. Native advertising offers these capabilities and when it is done well, the benefits far outweigh the costs. All in all, it is a new form of brand promotion that can have an extremely positive impact on marketing goals."

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