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Native Advertising News of the week - November 17

Nov 17, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy


Why programmatic is a trend you can’t afford to ignore

@alyssasellors for @b2bnewsnetwork

"Programmatic buying is shaking up the digital marketing industry, even if those deep within the market don’t know it yet.

As TechRadar reports, according to recent research by the IAB (International Advertising Bureau), 89 percent of European publishers, advertisers and agencies state that they believe “programmatic trading will indeed have a significant impact on digital advertising.”

In the article, @alyssasellors delves into the current trends and future of programmatic as well as provide a case study for a 'programmatic native approach'

Programmatic trading: a new era for the digital advertising industry

@desireathow editor at interviews Specific Media's @PaulOronoz to talk programmatic trading:

Discussion points include: how are brands using programmatic buying to target their segment audience, what are the main challenges associated with programmatic trading, and how can agencies overcome these challenges.

Infographic: does native advertising actually work?

@mherbie for @MarketingMag shares an inforgraphic based on a study by Mindshare Australia and Fairfax


Click here for the complete infographic and our commentary on the results

The least understood marketing buzzword of 2014? Industry roundtable on the untapped opportunities of native

@SayMedia and @TheDrum sit down to discuss the untapped opportunities of Native Advertising.

Via SayDaily, below are a couple of highlights and quotes from the event:

“Have we reached a solid definition of native and does it matter? No, and no. I have been involved in a number of conversations like this and every time what’s really interesting is different people coming to talk and expecting to talk about different things." - Matthew Knight, Head of Innovation, Carat

“What we’re dealing with is the evolution of digital and digital platforms – we can’t know what it looks like, we’re only 20 years into this medium. We’re experimenting.” - Clare O’Brien, Senior Industry Program Manager, IAB

“My view is that what we should be talking about is content marketing and distribution….When we used to do micro-sites there would be no editorial integration. Now it’s changed because there’s more editorial sign-off from a native point of view. We pay for distribution.” - Justin Taylor, Managing Director of Digital at MEC

Spending On Native Advertising Is Soaring As Marketers And Digital Media Publishers Realize The Benefits

@MarkHoelzel for @businessinsider

New and exclusive data from Business Intelligence finds that spending on native ads will reach $7.9 billion this year and grow to $21 billion in 2018, rising from just $4.7 billion in 2013. We are the only research service that has provided a detailed breakdown of spend projections and growth rates for each of the three main native ad types — social-native, native-style display ads, and sponsored content.

The research finds that Native ads perform better than traditional display, consumers generally accept and have a rather positive attitude toward Native Ads and that Native Display Ad are poised to see a rather sizeable increase in the coming year.




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