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Native Advertising News of the week – January 19

Jan 21, 2015 / by StackAdapt

1. Native Advertising, a Boon for the Media, Can Help You Cut Through the Noise. ( by Aaron Aguis

eMarketer suggests that native advertising will become a $4.57 billion market, quickly approaching the $6.4 billion it believes will be spent on display ads.

I comes at no surprise that more and more marketers are looking to tap into the new channel for reaching their target audience with content. Most importantly, when you consider new channel, you need to set strict goals for measuring its success.

Content marketers tend to go after “soft” goals such as brand sentiment, perceived authority or share of voice online. But when you’re putting money on the line through paid native advertising placements, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate measurable growth on some key metric in exchange for your ad spend.

If it’s possible to tie your native ads into your conversion rate calculations, do it. If not, at least be sure you're attaching some benchmarks and metrics to the goals you set for yourself, even if these measurements alone don’t capture the full value of your native advertising investment.

2. Nine Reasons to Be Thankful for Native Advertising (AlleyWatch)

Feel free to read the entire article on AlleyWatch. In our minds, they key focus points are:

  1. Native Ads Make Website Visitors Pay Attention, Without Distracting Them. A study conducted by Sharethrough and IPG shows that the consumer looked at native ads 52% frequently than banner ads and even that consumers looked at native ads more than the original editorial content.
  2. For publishers, Native Ads Both Earn Money and Also Bring Value to Customers. 85% of content publishers believe that native advertising represents a new and viable revenue stream
  3. Native Ads Are Scalable.
3. 10 Important Mobile Advertising FAQs Answered (Business2Community)

Great FAQ written by Donte LedBetter for all new mobile buyers. What's cool to see is that native advertising (something we wouldn't expect even a year ago) broke through the top 10 questions!

What is native advertising and why does it matter?

Native advertising is a form of advertising that matches the form of the app or site on which it appears.

Native ads are the next big thing in mobile advertising. As banners are phased out and consumers become more annoyed with traditional ad formats, advertisers will look to provide a truly contextual mobile advertising experience that increases their chances of capturing an engaged consumer. As you can imagine, the assumption is that native ads will perform better (and they will).


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