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Part III - Native Advertising: A new medium that could multiply your results

Oct 17, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

Guest Blogger Rodolfo Ravanêda writes about Content Marketing's newest Adtech medium

For the next few weeks, we welcome Rodolfo Ravanêda as a guest blogger.

Rodolfo Ravanêda is a Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship writer and blogger and is the founder and CEO of Empreendedor Cibernético (Portuguese)

Rodolfo Ravanêda lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In part one of the featured guest blog post, we discussed the nature, definitions and examples of Native Advertising.
In part two we delved into why the medium isn’t a passing fad and is here to stay and the platforms available to you for running your campaigns.

In my third and last part of my post, i'll start with:


A while back, in an article about buying used cars on my blog, I put a banner ad right in the middle of the post, selling menswear.
So was that a Native ad?
The simple answer is no.

A native ad has to match the form that it is seen on.
The form was broken because a banner appeared where there should be text or figures. If you break or change the structure or flow of the layout, you end up turning your intention to do native advertising to interruption marketing.

Going back to our earlier examples of Facebook, the continuity of form is guaranteed with their in-feed ads. When you advertise, your sponsored post will be virtually identical to an organic publication.

The five pillars to Native Advertising:

  1. Identify the content you want to amplify
  2. Identify your target audience and focus on the write publishers
  3. Use copywriting to suit your targeted audience
  4. Use the right platform to reach your goals
  5. Track success metrics and KPIs

Native Advertising platform


Native Advertising is the perfect content marketing amplifier and offers a way to combat both interruptive marketing and the woes of banner advertisements.

Starting a Native Advertising is not hard to do. And the platform you use should offer you measurement, optimization and results tracking.

You should really consider applying this new way of thinking about advertising.
And to multiply results keep the following in mind:

● Positioning and copywriting – create catching headline, mental triggers, call to actions, and good images that fit the prospective site you're appearing on.

● Repurpose your previous digital ad campaigns and creative to fir the Native Ad unit.

● Keep fluidity and consistency of images and ideas between the landing page and advertising. Think like your target.

● Promote existing content (earned media, paid media, blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, etc.) to drive audience.

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