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Native Advertising News of the week - November 10

Nov 10, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

Each week, we bring to you the most relevant news stories covering native advertising, programmatic media trading and content marketing from around the web.


Programmatic Grows To 37% Of AOL's Ad Revenue

@SarahSluis for @adexchanger

"CEO Tim Armstrong thinks AOL's bets on programmatic are paying off.

Programmatic grew to 37% of non-search ad revenue, compared to 12%. Forty seven percent of revenue from AOL's network was programmatic, compared to 18% during the same period last year. Advertising revenue grew 18% YoY to $473.4 million.

Armstrong attributed the increase to larger shifts in the marketplace from network buys to programmatic buys and heralded the "mechanization of Madison Avenue" as one of the "quantum changes" in the industry over the past 20 years."

Google aims to spend 60% of digital marketing budget on programmatic campaigns

@nataliemortimer for

Google is aiming to shift more of its digital marketing budget into programmatically traded campaigns, and has set its sights on a 60 per cent target, according to its global chief marketing officer Lorraine Twohill.

Speaking to The Drum at the Web Summit in Dublin, Twohill revealed that Google is in the process of moving all of its campaigns, such as for its Chromecast product, over to programmatic “one by one”, and is working to overcome the current limitations of programmatic, which doesn't currently cater for skippable ads."

Advertisers scramble as ‘non-human traffic’ eats up online budgets

@susinsky for @globeandmail

"The advertising industry is scrambling to combat the growing threat of “ad fraud,” computerized bots that fool advertisers into thinking they are reaching consumers.

By some estimates, this illegitimate online traffic means that for some brands, as much as 25 to 50 per cent of the money spent on online ads is wasted."

Susan Krashinsky explains how online fraud affects advertisers, the media industry as well as consumers and how the industry is battling the problem.

Should We Exterminate Banner Ads?

@kjwakefield for @NewsCred

"Banner ads, as we know them, are easy to ignore, annoying, angering, and yield very few click-throughs. But that doesn’t mean they are completely useless.

When companies produce a great piece of content and deliver it to the right audience, it can yield fantastic results including increased brand awareness, loyalty, credibility, and sales. Like Brenner says, if banner ads can do the same, then they are useful."

Kylie Jane Wakefield works through the history of the banner ad and explores they effectiveness, if they ever work and some of the industry's reactions to the medium on the banner's 20 year anniversary


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