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Native Advertising News of the week - January 12

Jan 16, 2015 / by StackAdapt


1. Pinterest is Getting More Ads but You Might Have Trouble Spotting Them (BostInno)

One thing that's always separated Pinterest from the social media pack: It's had very little advertising. That’s about to change.

In June, the company launched a program to test promoted pins from a limited number of brands, including including Nestle, General Mills, Kraft, Gap, ABC Family, Expedia and Lululemon. Now that we're in the new year, that program will expand. As of Thursday, Pinterest is letting advertisers pay to promote their pins, boosting the visibility of them (as on Facebook or Twitter).

It does represent a shift for Pinterest as a business. The social media network has been taking a relatively gradual approach to growing the revenue side of things. By comparison, Facebook andTwitter have featured ads for years, and both Instagram and Snapchat have rolled out their own programs, as well.

2. How will native advertising evolve in 2015? (The Drum)

The Drum has sourced opinions from several top media and publishing executive on their opinion about where Native Advertising is heading in 2015. Here are a few points of view:

Tom Dunn, Head of Digital Strategy, Maxus Global:

The greatest challenge for native advertising as we start 2015 remains one of perception. With native offering a win-win to publishers and brands alike, without detracting from user experience (in fact when executed well, positively enhancing it) it shouldn’t be a terribly hard sell. of the greatest opportunities for 2015: creativity. Creative agencies have tended not to pick up the majority of native briefs, handing exciting creative responsibility to media agencies, as well as niche specialists. That said, native still needs to move up the food chain to be viewed as a credible part of the media mix by creative agencies and clients.

Paul Hood, digital director, Archant London

...with native advertising, premium publishers have an opportunity to provide brand safe environments for advertisers, and brand context. Does it feel safe for advertisers to tell their story on the FT? On Autotrader? On Which? Of course it does. So they should tell their stories in these places, and native advertising solutions can facilitate that.

3. Twitter Video Ads Coming Soon (Ad Exchanger)

Video is undeniably one of the hottest topics of 2015, and it was only a matter of time until Twitter rolls the video ad product out.

Purportedly, the offering would resemble a mashup of Facebook’s autoplay video ads and YouTube’s pay-for-plays strategy. The product would autoplay promoted video ads for six seconds in the feed, and Twitter users would click through to play the videos in full. Advertisers would only be charged for fully watched videos. (AdExchanger)

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