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Major news publishers are taking Native Advertising seriously

Sep 24, 2014 / by Vitaly Pecherskiy

Major news publishers creating separate units to service Native Advertising

Last week, News UK announced that it is opening up a new way for brands to connect to its print and digital audiences across their properties, including The Times, Sunday Times, and The Sun with the creation of their in-house native advertising division.

In a move clearly affected by their advertisers' demand for such content marketing avenues and backed by research proving that there are significant increases in audience engagement levels of their readers when utilizing native advertising.


News UK follows other major news publications in either taking the route of creating new and separate units or bolstering and adding to their existing departments competencies specifically designed to create, manage, and display Content Marketing.

The Guardian Media Group's Guardian Labs is a fantastic agency designed to co-create "bespoke ideas, content and products with a 133-strong team that includes creatives, strategists, designers, video and content specialists."

News publishers' move towards adopting content marketing to monetize their properties by selling native ad space is not limited to the UK, nor the English speaking world.

In China The South China Morning Post recently launched a native advertising division, and has already served content marketing on their web and mobile platforms.

The Wall Street Journal's WSJ Custom Studios tagline is "We help brands create content-driven connections
with the world’s most important decision makers." and is another example of a seperate unit created specifically to serve their client and advertisers'content-marketing needs.

The trend of creating content marketing driven solutions is likely to grow in the coming year and it is a clear indication of the online publishing's industry shift towards new and innovative monetization models.

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