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How Media Buyers Push Brand-Side Marketing Innovation

Jan 13, 2016 / by StackAdapt



We hear lots of buzz about the “modern marketer” – a creative individual who leverages sleek tools and platforms to build campaigns, analyze results and drive outcomes. 


Some pros are practicing modern marketing, but today’s media buyer more closely resembles the proverbial jack of all trades. They excel at marketing strategy, while manually managing a wide range of marketing tactics and incoming data from every campaign. 


In light of this, we put together a playful list of how media buyers, through their expertise and initiative, are helping to push brand-side marketing innovation... Using cats GIFs! 


1. They have a keen understanding of the options being offered in both mainstream and niche marketing channels, which makes them savvy at driving optimal results. 



In fact, being in the know about the industry, its players, its audience, its costs, and most importantly, positive ROI, is part of their job description.




2. Because of their experience and knowledge of the media business, they're in a great position to explore new and practical opportunities to implement their clients’ strategies.




3. They have a marketing intuition like none other, developed from years of strategizing, negotiating and purchasing ad inventory for countless clients. 



Which is why they can become indignant when a client rejects an inventive and original marketing plan.




4. They understand that market inefficiencies are the heart and soul of innovation and are daredevils when it comes to the risks (and rewards) of testing new platforms, technologies and media. 




5. Despite their bold and innovative nature, they won't spend your money recklessly but protect it like it's their own.




6. They're incredibly experienced with today’s targeting technologies, and are well versed with the growing array of marketing models, which makes them proficient at finding more direct marketing routes with fewer stops.




7. They understand that ideas for brand marketing innovation can come from anywhere, and they're always on the lookout for the next one.



But they also understand that not all "innovative" ideas are created equal...


A media buyer's reaction when the creative agency pitches an idea that involves a hot air balloon: 




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8. They frequently work around the clock to satisfy their clients with new marketing approaches and the application of progressive initiatives and solutions.



And while all this work can sometimes lead to unhealthy food decisions...



They try their best to stay as svelte as possible. 




9. They possess a keen awareness that innovation must be tempered with practical business strategy and tangible ROI in order to achieve actual business outcomes. 




10. They aren't afraid of wading through new territory. 




11. And they certainly aren't afraid of standing their ground. 




12. Especially when going head to head with a traditional media buyer. 


When a traditional media buyer tries to develop a digital media strategy, they're like:



When modern media buyers develops a digital media strategy, they're like: 




13. Because at the end of the day, it's the modern media buyer who understands that marketing innovation is first and foremost about creating value for the consumer and the brand. 




In today's converged media and omni-channel world, effective marketing campaigns have become a delicate balancing act between paid, earned, and owned media channels. Add to this the growing number of players, technologies and platforms, running a successful campaign is more complicated than ever.


In all of this confusion, media buyers have emerged as true leaders Not only have they proven themselves capable of navigating the increasingly complex world of digital advertising, but they play a crucial role in driving new innovations in brand-side marketing. 


For this, StackAdapt salutes you: the innovator, the strategist, the negotiator—the media buyer. 



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